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Rank Name Raised
116th John Cooper John Cooper 7years $259
116th Kym Nelson Kym Nelson 2years $259
116th Richard Shepard Richard Shepard 5years $259
121st Mitch Ross Mitch Ross 2years $254
122nd Adrian Whitelock Adrian Whitelock 3years $248
123rd Duane Arnell Duane Arnell $248
123rd Shane King Shane King $248
125th Dejvid Simoski Dejvid Simoski 2years $243
125th Julie Bavington Julie Bavington 3years $243
125th Khurram Khan Khurram Khan 2years $243
125th Melanie Evans Melanie Evans 3years $243
129th Jennifer Smart Jennifer Smart $238
130th Darren Smith Darren Smith $238
131st Dominic Collins Dominic Collins 3years $237
132nd Kylie Bradfield Kylie Bradfield 3years $233
133rd Bryce Albiston Bryce Albiston 2years $233
133rd Jodie Moore Jodie Moore 2years $233
133rd Martin Stone Martin Stone 6years $233
133rd Naydan Hill Naydan Hill $233
137th Andrew Simmons Andrew Simmons $228