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Rank Name Raised
198th Kathie Bulters Kathie Bulters $1,053
199th Michael Tong Michael Tong $1,051
200th Willem Beck Willem Beck $1,051
201st Paul Smith Paul Smith $1,051
202nd John Hoctor John Hoctor $1,047
203rd Terry Lambert Terry Lambert $1,047
204th Pete Davidson Pete Davidson $1,045
205th Adam Murphy Adam Murphy $1,042
206th Matt Oliver Matt Oliver $1,042
207th Brenden Hall Brenden Hall $1,040
208th Yerko Leiva Yerko Leiva $1,036
209th John McGauran John McGauran $1,033
210th Michael Booth Michael Booth $1,033
211th Leanne Day Leanne Day $1,030
212th Gary Richards Gary Richards $1,026
213th Arda Juntsir Arda Juntsir $1,026
214th Stevan Bonning Stevan Bonning $1,024
215th Alisdair Horgen Alisdair Horgen $1,022
216th Michael Dunn Michael Dunn $1,019
217th Jack Crowther Jack Crowther $1,015