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Rank Name Raised
95th Troy March Troy March $460.26
96th Darryl Shirt Darryl Shirt $457.08
97th Marienne Urban Marienne Urban $456.80
98th Andrew Carlson Andrew Carlson $455.28
99th Mark Andrews Mark Andrews $451.90
100th Geoff Kent Geoff Kent $448.48
101st Craig Burr Craig Burr $446.86
102nd Josh Fraser Josh Fraser $445.64
103rd Jacob Mulholland Jacob Mulholland $439.99
104th Rachael Nicholls Rachael Nicholls $439.89
105th Nicole Evans Nicole Evans $439.18
106th Robert Player Robert Player $438.13
107th Daniel Chalkley Daniel Chalkley $434.70
107th Matthew Squires Matthew Squires $434.70
109th Brennan Couchman Brennan Couchman $429.53
109th Michael Scott Michael Scott $429.53
111th Bruce Vale Bruce Vale $428.83
112th Ashley Watts Ashley Watts $428.66
113th Tanja Kubitza Tanja Kubitza $425.12
114th Zoe Crouch Zoe Crouch $424.36