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Rank Name Raised
N/A Lucy Fenwick Lucy Fenwick $0
N/A Lucy Goodall Lucy Goodall $0
N/A lucy hawkins lucy hawkins $0
N/A Lucy Hellard Lucy Hellard $0
N/A Lucy Mobbs Lucy Mobbs $0
N/A Lucy Mott Lucy Mott $0
N/A Lucy Roff Lucy Roff $0
N/A Lucy Rogers Lucy Rogers $0
N/A Lucy Ryan Lucy Ryan $0
N/A Lucy Saltmarsh Lucy Saltmarsh $0
N/A Lucy Steele Lucy Steele $0
N/A Lucy Stevens Lucy Stevens $0
N/A Lucy Tsaltas Lucy Tsaltas $0
N/A Ludovic Isautier Ludovic Isautier $0
N/A Ludwik Dabrowski Ludwik Dabrowski $0
N/A Luhsun Tan Luhsun Tan $0
N/A Lui Maka Jrx Lui Maka Jrx $0
N/A Luijee Sanchez Luijee Sanchez $0
N/A Luis Andino Luis Andino $0
N/A Luis Antonio Del Rosario Luis Antonio Del Rosario $0