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Rank Name Raised
N/A Alex Schauer Alex Schauer $0
N/A Alex Siegers Alex Siegers $0
N/A Alex Thomas Alex Thomas $0
N/A Alex Tung Alex Tung $0
N/A Alex Warwar Alex Warwar $0
N/A Alexander Byass Alexander Byass Alexander Byass Alexander Byass $0
N/A Alexander Claridge Alexander Claridge $0
N/A Alexander Clarke Alexander Clarke $0
N/A Alexander Cruz Alexander Cruz $0
N/A Alexander Greenberry Alexander Greenberry $0
N/A Alexander Marquis Alexander Marquis $0
1565th Alexander Rodriguez Alexander Rodriguez $10
N/A Alexandra Ainscough Alexandra Ainscough $0
411th Alexandra Campbell Alexandra Campbell $150
N/A Alexandra Francis Alexandra Francis $0
N/A Alexandra Knight Alexandra Knight $0
N/A Alexandra Parkes Alexandra Parkes $0
715th Alexandra Rose Alexandra Rose $80.35
N/A Alexandra Tilbrook Alexandra Tilbrook $0
N/A Alexis Gysel Alexis Gysel $0