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Rank Name Raised
1135th Beth Middleton Beth Middleton $35
N/A Bethany Ann Otten Bethany Ann Otten $0
N/A Bethany Keogh Bethany Keogh $0
200th Betty Seeney Betty Seeney $113.15
N/A Bev Hartel Bev Hartel $0
787th Bev Job Bev Job $70
948th Beverley Chard Beverley Chard $50
N/A Beverly Galpin Beverly Galpin $0
N/A bevis lobo bevis lobo $0
N/A Bharath Ambati Bharath Ambati $0
N/A Bhavya Thakar Bhavya Thakar $0
N/A Bhupinder Singh Brar Bhupinder Singh Brar $0
N/A Bianca Brasil Bianca Brasil $0
1435th Bianca Campbell Bianca Campbell $20
N/A Bianca Findlays Bianca Findlays $0
N/A Bianca Mah Bianca Mah $0
N/A Bibin Stellus Bibin Stellus $0
N/A Bill Chan Bill Chan $0
1435th Bill Chan Bill Chan $20
N/A Bill Coveney Bill Coveney $0