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Rank Name Raised
N/A Patrick Campbell Patrick Campbell $0
N/A Paula Lilburne Paula Lilburne $0
842nd Phil Astill Phil Astill $1,077.14
1312th Rebekah Tregea Rebekah Tregea $789.40
N/A Remo Keira Remo Keira $0
534th Scott Mullin Scott Mullin $1,366.39
1928th Scott Woolley Scott Woolley $574.40
554th Shane Walden Shane Walden $1,337.32
N/A Smit Patel Smit Patel $0
132nd Stephane Le Blanc Stephane Le Blanc $2,631.54
N/A Tania Schwartzenberger Tania Schwartzenberger $0
3278th Timothy Tucak Timothy Tucak $230.69
5360th William Armstrong William Armstrong $10
1526th Zachary Nagel-Tynan Zachary Nagel-Tynan $702.30
3564th Adam Illman Adam Illman $178.49
3488th Ali Habib Ali Habib $191.01
2403rd kylie bostock kylie bostock $1,640.21
4233rd Rhys Ashpole Rhys Ashpole $86.75
3221st Doug Cousins Doug Cousins $242.54
N/A Mitchell Munn Mitchell Munn $0