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Rank Name Raised
363rd Jess Lord Jess Lord $2,874
364th Clare Dullard Clare Dullard $2,874
364th Liz Neville Liz Neville $385
365th Avi Kassman Avi Kassman $2,867
366th Matthew Squires Matthew Squires $607
366th Simon Williams Simon Williams $2,860
367th Gael Patricia McGee Gael Patricia McGee $2,857
368th Doug Reckord Doug Reckord $2,857
369th Harry Windmeyer Harry Windmeyer $2,854
370th Shane McDuff Shane McDuff $2,851
371st George Servanis George Servanis $2,850
372nd Gerard Roborg-Sondergaard Gerard Roborg-Sondergaard $2,840
373rd John Hoctor John Hoctor $2,836
374th Jeff Snyder Jeff Snyder $2,833
375th Jason Dickinson Jason Dickinson $2,832
376th Paul Eltakchi Paul Eltakchi $2,830
377th Ruth Davis Ruth Davis $2,827
378th Cathy Farrell Cathy Farrell $2,824
379th Karen Reynolds Karen Reynolds $2,815
380th Peter Paproth Peter Paproth $2,814