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Rank Name Raised
3927th Anthony Moon Anthony Moon $157.06
820th Anthony Quinney Anthony Quinney $1,258.63
2043rd Anthony Schilders Anthony Schilders $638.01
1125th Anthony Smit Anthony Smit $1,056.03
N/A Aris Bell Aris Bell $0
N/A Arno Junior Arno Junior $0
N/A Arvind Janakiram Arvind Janakiram $0
N/A Ash Jose Ash Jose $0
1703rd Ashish Suhag Ashish Suhag $758.77
N/A Ashlea Parry Ashlea Parry $0
4524th Ashley Gittins Ashley Gittins $72.45
N/A Avi Gulwadi Avi Gulwadi $0
N/A Avi Gulwadi Avi Gulwadi $0
N/A Avin Jansen Avin Jansen $0
N/A Avy Meyer Avy Meyer $0
5216th Axl Dethmore Axl Dethmore $28.66
N/A Barend Meiring Barend Meiring $0
3607th Barry Burns Barry Burns $222.93
1052nd Barry Griffin Barry Griffin $1,098.95
N/A Barry Majetic Barry Majetic $0