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Rank Name Raised
383rd Paul Kiff Paul Kiff $1,925
384th Linda Gale Linda Gale $1,925
385th Brett Hassett Brett Hassett $1,923
386th Benn Cadd Benn Cadd $1,909
387th Sue Gray Sue Gray $1,907
388th Toni Frost Toni Frost $1,907
389th Robert Hirst Robert Hirst $1,903
390th Paul Rickerby Paul Rickerby $1,891
391st Grant Cameron Grant Cameron $1,890
392nd Di Morris Di Morris $1,884
393rd Jim Thomson Jim Thomson $1,883
394th Peter Brennan Peter Brennan $1,882
395th Christa Evans Christa Evans $1,880
396th Rob Fisher Rob Fisher $1,879
397th Zoe cairns Zoe cairns $1,878
398th Cathie Molloy Cathie Molloy $1,877
399th Paul Windon Paul Windon $1,875
400th Grisoula Giopoulos Grisoula Giopoulos $1,874
401st Will Hone Will Hone $1,869
402nd Dick Cleland Dick Cleland $1,867