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Rank Name Raised
3607th Barry Burns Barry Burns $223
1052nd Barry Griffin Barry Griffin $1,099
N/A Barry Majetic Barry Majetic $0
4311th Barry Wilson Barry Wilson $100
N/A Bart Jesionek Bart Jesionek $0
464th Belinda Denniss Belinda Denniss $1,723
N/A ben armitstead ben armitstead $0
N/A Ben Dawson Ben Dawson $0
N/A Ben Haack Ben Haack $0
917th Ben Loaker Ben Loaker $1,186
N/A Ben Nelson Ben Nelson $0
N/A Ben Smith Ben Smith $0
2424th ben stone ben stone $543
N/A Benjamin Kennedy Benjamin Kennedy $0
N/A Benjamine Jordan Barton Benjamine Jordan Barton $0
1261st Berni Tosch Berni Tosch $1,002
266th Billy Laurence Billy Laurence $2,356
N/A Binioni Alemu Binioni Alemu $0
N/A Blair Hendetson Blair Hendetson $0
12th Bobby Mehta Bobby Mehta $8,377