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Rank Name Raised
5316th Clinton Thomson Clinton Thomson $241
N/A Cody Herdman Cody Herdman $0
59th Colin Cooper Colin Cooper $6,250
N/A colin Young colin Young $0
N/A Con Gouros Con Gouros $0
7251st connell Crozier connell Crozier $36
N/A Conner Mcleod Conner Mcleod $0
N/A Connor Hassler Connor Hassler $0
7158th Connor Scholz Connor Scholz $41
1296th Conor Rafferty Conor Rafferty $1,357
4687th Cory Charlick Cory Charlick $391
83rd Craig Burr Craig Burr $5,639
1135th Craig Entwistle Craig Entwistle $1,468
1946th Craig Foley Craig Foley $1,041
2638th Craig Whittle Craig Whittle $801
N/A Dale Steenbergen Dale Steenbergen $0
756th Damian Walsh Damian Walsh $1,901
1594th Damien Gijsbers Damien Gijsbers $1,172
N/A Damjan Dragisic Damjan Dragisic $0
N/A Dan Bowden Dan Bowden $0