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Rank Name Raised
438th Dan Watters Dan Watters $2,451
439th Darrel Mole Darrel Mole $2,449
440th Philipp Schaper Philipp Schaper $2,447
441st Rory Toomey Rory Toomey $2,436
442nd Rob Chivers Rob Chivers $2,436
443rd Carmen Allen Carmen Allen $2,436
444th Tarek Bhatti Tarek Bhatti $2,434
445th Angelo Stefan Angelo Stefan $10
445th Kim Glasscock Kim Glasscock $2,425
446th Robert Granter Robert Granter $2,425
447th Caleb Paget Caleb Paget $2,425
448th Todd Sullivan Todd Sullivan $2,419
449th Kathie Bulters Kathie Bulters $2,411
450th Nuala Power Nuala Power $801
450th Robert Alihodzic Robert Alihodzic $2,406
451st Darcy O'Donnell Darcy O'Donnell $2,405
452nd Doug Wilson Doug Wilson $2,404
453rd Joanne Grant Joanne Grant $2,404
454th Angie Nicholson Angie Nicholson $2,403
455th Susan Wong Susan Wong $2,396