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Rank Name Raised
N/A Claudia Velasquez Claudia Velasquez $0
729th Cliff Mayson Cliff Mayson $1,355
5332nd Clinton Sanders Clinton Sanders $20
3222nd Clinton Thomson Clinton Thomson $311
N/A Codey West Codey West Codey West Codey West $0
N/A Colin Brown Colin Brown $3,680
5533rd Connor Scholz Connor Scholz $10
N/A Courteney Trevethan Courteney Trevethan $0
38th Craig Hollindale Craig Hollindale $5,386
3508th Craig Kristapsons Craig Kristapsons $246
1550th Craig Strong Craig Strong $822
N/A Cristina Almirall Cristina Almirall $0
N/A Cyra Cyrus Noshirwan Cyra Cyrus Noshirwan $0
1294th Damon Permezel Damon Permezel $968
N/A Dan Sawyer Dan Sawyer $0
N/A Dan Swain Dan Swain $0
211th Dan Turner Dan Turner $2,656
3839th Daniel Disseldorp Daniel Disseldorp $176
N/A Daniel Frost Daniel Frost $0
N/A Daniel Hombsch Daniel Hombsch $0