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Rank Name Raised
N/A Gavin Dodson Gavin Dodson $0
200th Gavin McGahey Gavin McGahey $3,413
6958th Gavin Nicholls Gavin Nicholls $50
N/A Gavin Ward Gavin Ward $0
N/A Gene Wang Gene Wang $0
5022nd Genevieve Ramsey Genevieve Ramsey $2,750
3554th Geoff Hender Geoff Hender $572
4732nd Gerald Goody Gerald Goody $330
4187th Gerard Grundy Gerard Grundy $475
5045th Glenn Dickson Glenn Dickson $263
N/A Glenn Kempton Glenn Kempton $0
N/A Graeme Mason Graeme Mason $0
1992nd Graeme Savage Graeme Savage $941
3524th Graham Brown Graham Brown $577
N/A Graham Edwards Graham Edwards $0
73rd Graham O'Callaghan Graham O'Callaghan $5,462
6444th Graham Rutter Graham Rutter $84
660th Grahame Keast Grahame Keast $1,888
1445th Greg Amadio Greg Amadio $1,169
N/A Greg Bemet Greg Bemet $0