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Rank Name Raised
493rd Darcy Hall Darcy Hall $714
494th Jagdeep Bajwa Jagdeep Bajwa $711
495th Grahame Keast Grahame Keast $710
496th Conor Rafferty Conor Rafferty $709
496th Jonathan McLeish Jonathan McLeish $709
498th Johann Florido Johann Florido $709
499th Doug Williamson Doug Williamson $708
500th Angela Donaldson Angela Donaldson $707
500th Matt Hook Matt Hook $707
502nd Graham Walters Graham Walters $140
502nd Sam Staib Sam Staib $705
503rd Vicki Mannering Vicki Mannering $704
504th Brett Doust Brett Doust $704
505th Carlo Mancini Carlo Mancini $704
506th Paul Brock Paul Brock $702
507th Mat Vonarx Mat Vonarx $701
508th Beryl Kennedy Beryl Kennedy $701
509th Carolyn Keough Carolyn Keough $701
510th Kim Baxter Kim Baxter $699
511th Darren Shafiq Darren Shafiq $698