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Rank Name Raised
492nd Paolo Russo Paolo Russo $124
492nd peter kirk peter kirk $124
492nd Rob Seeley Rob Seeley $124
492nd Shane Haggett Shane Haggett $124
492nd Shashi Sharma Shashi Sharma $124
492nd Sondos Zayed Sondos Zayed $124
492nd Stephen Bestmann Stephen Bestmann $124
492nd Tony Rossi Tony Rossi $124
492nd Wendy Mewett Wendy Mewett $124
492nd Xeyruz Lazarou Xeyruz Lazarou $124
522nd Roy Brown Roy Brown $124
523rd Ken Poole Ken Poole $122
523rd Sharon Maree Pyle Sharon Maree Pyle $122
523rd Yerko Leiva Yerko Leiva $122
526th Andrew Nisbet Andrew Nisbet $120
526th Athil Goonesekera Athil Goonesekera $120
526th Christopher Lal Christopher Lal $120
526th David Jones David Jones $120
526th David Mcmaster David Mcmaster $120
526th David smith David smith $120