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Rank Name Raised
N/A Loy Patrao Loy Patrao $0
N/A Luan Fronza Bonsenhor Luan Fronza Bonsenhor $0
N/A Luca Henderson Luca Henderson $0
N/A Luca Kordbache Luca Kordbache $0
N/A Luca Mariano Luca Mariano $0
N/A Luca Sidey Luca Sidey $0
N/A Luca Vincent Luca Vincent $0
N/A Luca Weber Luca Weber $0
N/A Luca Weber Luca Weber $0
N/A Lucas Bewley Lucas Bewley $0
N/A Lucas Bittencourt Lucas Bittencourt $0
N/A Lucas Blatt Lucas Blatt $0
N/A Lucas Bradley Lucas Bradley $0
N/A Lucas Buchmasser Lucas Buchmasser $0
N/A Lucas Casey Lucas Casey $0
N/A Lucas Di Sabatino Lucas Di Sabatino $0
N/A Lucas Dilly Lucas Dilly $0
N/A Lucas Lee Lucas Lee $0
N/A Lucas Martin Lucas Martin $0
N/A Lucas McAuliffe Lucas McAuliffe $0