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Rank Name Raised
3799th Judy Hunt Judy Hunt $36
N/A Jules Shearer Jules Shearer $0
N/A Juli Anderson Juli Anderson $0
N/A Julia Burns Julia Burns $0
N/A Julia CMRI Julia CMRI $0
N/A Julia Dobos Julia Dobos $0
N/A Julia Georos Julia Georos $0
N/A Julia Mahony Julia Mahony $0
N/A Julian Brown Julian Brown $0
N/A Julian Morales Sarmiento Julian Morales Sarmiento $0
N/A Julie Ann Quipotla Julie Ann Quipotla $0
600th Julie Bavington Julie Bavington $641
N/A Julie Cockle Julie Cockle $0
3876th Julie Elkin Julie Elkin $36
2536th Julie Geddes Julie Geddes $114
1044th Julie Hackett Julie Hackett $457
2075th Julie Harford-Lott Julie Harford-Lott $171
N/A Julie Hasler Julie Hasler $0
N/A Julie Hermes Dunkley Julie Hermes Dunkley $0
3031st Julie Hungerford Julie Hungerford $72