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Rank Name Raised
41st Leo Kuipers Leo Kuipers 3years $2,171
42nd Pete Butcher Pete Butcher 2years $2,157
43rd Bryce van Slooten Bryce van Slooten 2years $2,148
44th Hunter Ratnam Hunter Ratnam $2,122
45th Rohitha Dissanayake Rohitha Dissanayake $2,079
46th Carol Pakula Carol Pakula 2years $2,072
47th NICK DE MARCO NICK DE MARCO 3years $2,003
48th Alex Grigio Alex Grigio $1,981
49th Trish Rossi Trish Rossi $1,964
50th John Klapsis John Klapsis $1,958
51st Konal Doshi Konal Doshi 2years $1,939
52nd Fred Nimarota Fred Nimarota $1,939
53rd Jennifer Tiffin Jennifer Tiffin 2years $1,939
54th Jarrad Tabone Jarrad Tabone 2years $1,935
55th John McAndrew John McAndrew $1,921
56th Austin Lam Austin Lam $1,913
57th Marius Scutea Marius Scutea 2years $1,896
58th victor yanes victor yanes $1,869
59th greg hinrichsen greg hinrichsen $1,861
60th George Jacovou George Jacovou $1,855