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Rank Name Raised
N/A Andy Lay Andy Lay $0
N/A Charles Leon Charles Leon $0
N/A Rocc Weglarz Rocc Weglarz $0
N/A dick fergieez dick fergieez $0
N/A Jacinta Augafaapae Jacinta Augafaapae $0
N/A Tam Schmucker Tam Schmucker $0
N/A Almas Aman Almas Aman $10
N/A Mary Medalle Mary Medalle $10
N/A Raymond Walter Raymond Walter $0
5218th Sarah Golder Sarah Golder $28
N/A Abhinay Reddy Abhinay Reddy $0
N/A Ahsan Khawaja Ahsan Khawaja $0
N/A Ajish Daniel Ajish Daniel $0
N/A ali abboud ali abboud $0
N/A Alicia Voges Alicia Voges $0
N/A Alison Ross Alison Ross $0
N/A Alvin Ng Alvin Ng $0
N/A Angelica Rodriguez Angelica Rodriguez $0
N/A Anisa Ettehad Anisa Ettehad $0
N/A Arianna Stone Arianna Stone $0