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Rank Name Raised
135th Jemima Greenwell Jemima Greenwell $274
135th John Hill John Hill 6years $274
135th John Meacham John Meacham 2years $274
135th John Rayner John Rayner 7years $274
135th Karyn Finselbach Karyn Finselbach $274
135th Marcus Cranny Marcus Cranny 2years $274
135th Michelle Lees Michelle Lees 4years $274
135th Rick Galbraith Rick Galbraith 5years $274
148th Graeme Sanders Graeme Sanders 6years $273
149th Corina Clarke Corina Clarke 2years $269
150th Trevor King Trevor King $268
151st Deborah Wells Deborah Wells 5years $260
152nd Dennis Shanahan Dennis Shanahan 6years $259
152nd Ian Crafter Ian Crafter 3years $259
152nd John Cooper John Cooper 7years $259
152nd Kym Nelson Kym Nelson 2years $259
152nd Luke Cunningham Luke Cunningham 5years $259
152nd Matthew Squires Matthew Squires $259
152nd Neil Hunter Neil Hunter $259
152nd Richard Shepard Richard Shepard 5years $259