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Rank Name Raised
39th Peter Quin Peter Quin 4years $600
40th Katherine Flack Katherine Flack 7years $590
41st Ross Smith Ross Smith 2years $589
42nd Tiffany Quan Tiffany Quan 3years $582
43rd EKACHAI Yimsin EKACHAI Yimsin 2years $578
44th Meredith Banks Meredith Banks $576
45th Iohne Simpson Iohne Simpson 3years $576
46th Chris Mackay Chris Mackay 3years $575
47th David Ross David Ross 7years $574
48th Juney Ngamata Juney Ngamata $554
49th Manuel Tecson Manuel Tecson 2years $549
50th Bradley Temperley Bradley Temperley 7years $547
51st James Emery James Emery 6years $538
51st Wayne Gowland Wayne Gowland $538
53rd Naydan Hill Naydan Hill $531
54th Penny Dorgan Penny Dorgan $523
55th Zara Daniel Zara Daniel 6years $519
56th Danielle Weston Danielle Weston $518
56th Heather Phillipson Heather Phillipson 2years $518
56th Kayne Vesteeg Kayne Vesteeg $518