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Rank Name Raised
60th Keith McPherson Keith McPherson $516
61st John Trist John Trist 2years $507
62nd Roy Laurie Roy Laurie 3years $505
63rd Prakash Mistry Prakash Mistry 3years $504
64th Andrew Goodwin Andrew Goodwin $503
65th Roland De Vincenzo Roland De Vincenzo $502
66th Emil Demyane Emil Demyane 2years $500
66th Guy Murray Guy Murray 4years $500
66th Margaret Larkin Margaret Larkin 7years $500
66th Rob Seeley Rob Seeley 7years $500
70th Robbie Irving Robbie Irving $497
71st Greg Dalton Greg Dalton 7years $481
72nd Remzi Sahin Remzi Sahin 3years $474
73rd David Smith David Smith 2years $471
74th David Price David Price 6years $466
75th Chris Steer Chris Steer 3years $461
76th Emma Goulding Emma Goulding 3years $456
77th Andrew Lamb Andrew Lamb 3years $435
77th John Adams John Adams 2years $435
79th Des Michael Des Michael 3years $424