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Rank Name Raised
100th Hedi Ziv Hedi Ziv 2years $373
100th Kristian Fennell Kristian Fennell $373
102nd Riley McIntosh Riley McIntosh 2years $362
103rd michael templeton michael templeton 7years $362
104th Rhys Paine Rhys Paine 7years $361
105th Gavin Hicks Gavin Hicks 4years $357
106th Susie Nicholls Susie Nicholls 3years $357
107th Adam Fellows Adam Fellows $355
107th Ali Said Ozcelik Ali Said Ozcelik 2years $355
109th Kevin Blundell Kevin Blundell 3years $352
110th Scott Forrest Scott Forrest 2years $352
111th David McMorran David McMorran 5years $352
111th Des Reeve Des Reeve 2years $352
111th Jeremy McBride Jeremy McBride 4years $352
111th Mark Krummer Mark Krummer 2years $352
115th Pete Pearse Pete Pearse 5years $351
116th Craig Hardwicke Craig Hardwicke $347
117th Angela Hookham Angela Hookham $343
118th Holly Shaw Holly Shaw 5years $342
118th Janelle Small Janelle Small 7years $342