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Rank Name Raised
59th Roy Laurie Roy Laurie 3years $541
60th James Emery James Emery 6years $538
60th Wayne Gowland Wayne Gowland 2years $538
N/A Mary McKenna Mary McKenna 7years $0
62nd Naydan Hill Naydan Hill $531
63rd Zara Daniel Zara Daniel 6years $519
64th Danielle Weston Danielle Weston $518
64th David McPherson David McPherson 3years $518
64th Heather Phillipson Heather Phillipson 2years $518
64th Kayne Vesteeg Kayne Vesteeg $518
64th Libby Thomson Libby Thomson 2years $518
69th Keith McPherson Keith McPherson $516
70th Michael Sterling Michael Sterling 3years $507
71st Prakash Mistry Prakash Mistry 3years $504
72nd Andrew Goodwin Andrew Goodwin $503
73rd Roland De Vincenzo Roland De Vincenzo $502
74th Emil Demyane Emil Demyane 2years $500
74th Guy Murray Guy Murray 4years $500
74th Margaret Larkin Margaret Larkin 7years $500
74th Rob Seeley Rob Seeley 7years $500