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Rank Name Raised
250th Monique Frost Monique Frost $172
250th Tim Jarman Tim Jarman 4years $172
252nd Kay Ferguson Kay Ferguson 2years $172
252nd Michelle Ralph Michelle Ralph 7years $172
254th Cindy Chong Cindy Chong 2years $171
255th Ute Diversi Ute Diversi 2years $171
256th Janelle Small Janelle Small 7years $166
257th Jax Repper Jax Repper $166
258th Darren Walters Darren Walters $165
258th Pravin Kumar Pravin Kumar $165
260th Amanda Foster Amanda Foster 4years $160
260th Catherine Doult Catherine Doult 6years $160
260th Graeme Frazer Graeme Frazer 2years $160
260th Ivor Traynor Ivor Traynor 3years $160
260th Josie Venville Josie Venville 2years $160
260th Kate Norman Kate Norman 4years $160
260th Letiesha Frankcombe Letiesha Frankcombe 2years $160
260th Prue Gage-Driver Prue Gage-Driver 2years $160
268th Carol mchatton Carol mchatton 7years $159
269th Rob macgregor Rob macgregor 2years $157