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Rank Name Raised
1st Justin Smith Justin Smith $43,024
2nd Warren Floyd Warren Floyd $30,707
3rd Anandh Maistry Anandh Maistry $23,954
4th Noah Gilbertson Noah Gilbertson $21,768
5th Shane Lewis Shane Lewis $20,541
6th Hayden King Hayden King $17,281
7th Sharron Yaxley Sharron Yaxley $16,881
8th Wayne Richardson Wayne Richardson $14,527
9th Ian Lynass Ian Lynass $14,283
10th Kevin Anderson Kevin Anderson $14,262
11th Justin Daly Justin Daly $13,761
12th Fr Thomas Casanova Fr Thomas Casanova $13,742
13th Matt Flapper Matt Flapper $13,623
14th Brad Morante Brad Morante $13,304
15th Christine Carew Christine Carew $12,393
16th Dean Brennan Dean Brennan $11,597
17th Imogen Kuipers Imogen Kuipers $11,426
18th Ross Sparks Ross Sparks $10,981
19th Danny Balloch Danny Balloch $10,430
20th Warrick Marshall Warrick Marshall $10,263