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Rank Name Raised
818th Mike Bowers Mike Bowers $1,259.15
819th Robert Stjepic Robert Stjepic $1,258.89
820th Elizabeth May Matuschka Elizabeth May Matuschka $1,258.66
821st Anthony Quinney Anthony Quinney $1,258.63
822nd Ravin Sharma Ravin Sharma $1,258.56
823rd Dave Urie Dave Urie $1,258.25
824th Tobias Bateman Tobias Bateman $1,257.76
825th Julie Bernhardt Julie Bernhardt $1,254.16
826th Kayla Kanyaro Kayla Kanyaro $1,254.07
827th Warrick Marshall Warrick Marshall $1,254.01
828th Christo Da Silva Christo Da Silva $1,253.51
829th Steph Mulcahy Steph Mulcahy $1,252.89
830th John Noonan John Noonan $1,252.76
831st Brock Short Brock Short $1,251.54
832nd Janine Wade Janine Wade $1,251.12
833rd Jason Hunter Jason Hunter $1,251.09
834th Jez Black Jez Black $1,249.46
835th George Servanis George Servanis $1,249.09
836th Grace Newland Grace Newland $1,248.99
837th Matthew Crowther Matthew Crowther $1,248.60