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Rank Name Raised
159th Kailash Sivabalan Kailash Sivabalan $1,188
160th Bell Motlalepula Bell Motlalepula $1,188
161st Tom Swadling Tom Swadling $1,187
162nd Ruth Davis Ruth Davis $1,185
163rd Sacha Zunic Sacha Zunic $1,177
164th Niki Wohling Niki Wohling $1,165
1599th Anthony Davidson Anthony Davidson $1,163
165th John O'Keeffe John O'Keeffe $1,155
166th Maddison Winks Maddison Winks $1,154
167th Ken Holt Ken Holt $1,152
168th Leanne Mayled Leanne Mayled $1,151
169th Rob Schueler Rob Schueler $1,151
170th Peter Brooks Peter Brooks $1,145
171st James Scorer James Scorer $1,141
172nd Angus Briginshaw Angus Briginshaw $1,140
173rd Jayvin Maneklal Jayvin Maneklal $1,138
174th Zach McGrath Zach McGrath $1,137
175th Sheryl Sala Sheryl Sala $1,124
176th Clive Buultjens Clive Buultjens $1,121
177th Jayden Rykers Jayden Rykers $1,118