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Rank Name Raised
7467th Blane Crozier Blane Crozier $35
7249th Camille Lopes Camille Lopes $36
3638th Craig Bartlett Craig Bartlett $592
810th David Farley David Farley $1,814
614th Dean Fiebiger Dean Fiebiger $2,167
4763rd Ewan Edwards Ewan Edwards $362
6222nd GregGreg Campbell Campbell GregGreg Campbell Campbell $112
6463rd Jake Robertson Jake Robertson $91
114th Jamie Miller Jamie Miller $5,060
2460th Jane Youdan Jane Youdan $857
1994th Jason Ellery Jason Ellery $1,025
649th Jessica Robinson Jessica Robinson $5,079
872nd Joe Wilchynski Joe Wilchynski $1,716
4622nd john nguyen john nguyen $415
N/A John Pyper John Pyper $0
N/A Jude Stephens Haines Jude Stephens Haines $0
23rd Justyna Grosse Justyna Grosse $9,146
2790th Lachlan Spencer Lachlan Spencer $762
772nd Laura Gordon Laura Gordon $1,869
1027th Liz Brandtman Liz Brandtman $1,547