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Rank Name Raised
97th Dave Milkins Dave Milkins $2,942.22
98th Craig Holtham Craig Holtham $2,926.15
99th Jason Thompson Jason Thompson $2,910.02
100th Neil Bramble Neil Bramble $2,905.05
101st Christine Arens Christine Arens $2,903.11
102nd Graham Purches Graham Purches $2,900.69
103rd Bill Book Bill Book $2,896.33
104th Gus Wills Gus Wills $2,887.57
105th Paul Clayton Paul Clayton $2,874.63
106th harley van belkom harley van belkom $2,862.68
107th Stewart Condie Stewart Condie $2,858.85
108th Scott Steel Scott Steel $2,852.83
109th Robert Axford Robert Axford $2,851.29
110th Jamie Middleton Jamie Middleton $2,831.08
972nd Moose Duniam Moose Duniam $2,827.67
N/A Michael Howes Michael Howes $2,825.90
111th Kate Mooring Kate Mooring $2,813.32
112th Andrew Carolan Andrew Carolan $2,811.70
113th Andrew Kerr Andrew Kerr $2,809.29
114th Jamie Miller Jamie Miller $2,805.38