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Rank Name Raised
N/A Ray Brooks Ray Brooks $0
N/A Infinite Cycle Mitchell Infinite Cycle Mitchell $92.94
N/A Wanda Archer Wanda Archer $1,666.25
72nd David Johnston David Johnston $3,133.23
1124th Joel O'Dwyer Joel O'Dwyer $884.99
1630th Samantha Hole Samantha Hole $660.76
N/A Raymond Jarratt Raymond Jarratt $0
N/A Michael Howes Michael Howes $2,825.90
359th David McPherson David McPherson $1,637.53
40th Mark Lawrence Mark Lawrence $4,030.49
4092nd Barry Wilson Barry Wilson $100
67th Tim English Tim English $3,183.39
2330th Navneet Kaulgud Navneet Kaulgud $490.22
10th Wayne Richardson Wayne Richardson $8,157.51
659th Tony Banks Tony Banks $1,220.67
5170th Clinton Sanders Clinton Sanders $20
12th Justyna Grosse Justyna Grosse $7,230.83
692nd Troy Marshall Troy Marshall $1,195.14
N/A Kyle Roberts Kyle Roberts $0
4535th Kim Mensforth Kim Mensforth $51.75