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Rank Name Raised
672nd Doug Reckord Doug Reckord $1,410
673rd Jason de Plater Jason de Plater $1,409
674th Mat O'Brien Mat O'Brien $1,409
675th Brendon Bassett Brendon Bassett $1,409
676th Nimit Acharya Nimit Acharya $1,406
677th David Eccles David Eccles $1,405
678th Stephen Hibbit Stephen Hibbit $1,404
679th David McTavish David McTavish $1,404
680th Chris Rizos Chris Rizos $1,403
681st Rope Wortley Rope Wortley $1,403
682nd James Marsh James Marsh $1,403
683rd Toni Balchin Toni Balchin $1,402
684th Jennifer Cooper Jennifer Cooper $1,401
685th Darren Symons Darren Symons $1,401
686th Brian Smith Brian Smith $1,398
687th Gerhard Theron Gerhard Theron $1,398
688th Emma Upton Emma Upton $1,395
689th Holly Shaw Holly Shaw $1,392
690th Andrew Corin Andrew Corin $1,391
691st Alenka Jeram Alenka Jeram $1,390