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Rank Name Raised
797th Charlie Hart Charlie Hart $1,704
798th Scott Mahaffy Scott Mahaffy $1,704
799th Janos Vigh Janos Vigh $1,704
800th Adam Young Adam Young $1,699
801st Lenny Griffiths Lenny Griffiths $1,698
802nd Neeraj Kumar Neeraj Kumar $1,697
803rd Chris Wade Chris Wade $1,697
804th Ryan Oldham Ryan Oldham $1,695
805th Mitchell McMahon Mitchell McMahon $1,694
806th Jens Hartel Jens Hartel $1,693
807th Emily Clarke Emily Clarke $1,692
808th Bianca Millen Bianca Millen $1,690
809th Eddie Eustace Eddie Eustace $1,689
810th Vini Kulkarni Vini Kulkarni $1,688
811th Owen Blackwell Owen Blackwell $1,687
812th Simon White Simon White $1,684
813th Henry Thay Henry Thay $1,682
814th Peter Glanfield Peter Glanfield $1,682
815th James Emery James Emery $1,681
816th Jarrad Camilleri Jarrad Camilleri $1,679