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Rank Name Raised
N/A Alex Chesher Alex Chesher $0
N/A Alex Claridge Alex Claridge $0
N/A Alex Dooley Alex Dooley $0
N/A Alex Foat Alex Foat $0
577th ALEX FONG ALEX FONG $103.50
246th Alex Foster Alex Foster $250.21
1075th Alex Gemell Alex Gemell $40
N/A Alex Handl Alex Handl $0
186th Alex Heta Alex Heta $311.60
N/A Alex Jackson Alex Jackson $0
N/A Alex Jereb Alex Jereb $0
N/A Alex Kraan Alex Kraan $0
311th Alex Miller Alex Miller $204.20
374th Alex Moss Alex Moss $165.60
N/A Alex Nardi Alex Nardi $0
N/A Alex Nardi Alex Nardi $0
N/A Alex Nishizawa Alex Nishizawa $0
N/A Alex Pierson Alex Pierson $0
N/A Alex Portnoy Alex Portnoy $0
N/A Alex Rushen Alex Rushen $0