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Rank Name Raised
193rd Sam Lai Sam Lai $388
194th Richard Press Richard Press $386
195th Brian Gates Brian Gates $385
196th Andrew Browne Andrew Browne $382
197th Rachel Poole Rachel Poole $381
198th Allan Dyer Allan Dyer $378
199th Anthony Osborn Anthony Osborn $377
200th Robin Farmer Robin Farmer $375
201st Kevin Raby Kevin Raby $373
202nd Terry Lambert Terry Lambert $373
203rd Charlotte Stoddard Charlotte Stoddard $372
204th Diana Ribeiro Diana Ribeiro $371
205th Rick morse Rick morse $367
205th William Mienie William Mienie $367
207th Adrian Bruggy Adrian Bruggy $367
207th Natalie Broadbent Natalie Broadbent $367
209th Layton Beavis Layton Beavis $366
210th Mark Higgins Mark Higgins $365
211th Christopher Wiggins Christopher Wiggins $364
212th Jay Pfoeffer Jay Pfoeffer $362