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Rank Name Raised
158th Ken Holt Ken Holt $1,380
159th Mark Alvaran Mark Alvaran $1,377
160th Hains Nguyen Hains Nguyen $1,376
161st Ron Turner Ron Turner $1,376
162nd Carol Hovenden Carol Hovenden $1,375
163rd Jason Flavell Jason Flavell $1,373
164th Rachael Van Keulen Rachael Van Keulen $1,367
165th Garry Douglas Garry Douglas $1,365
166th Simon Edwards Simon Edwards $1,363
167th liam Lyons liam Lyons $1,362
168th Khalid Ayoubi Khalid Ayoubi $1,359
169th John Hoctor John Hoctor $1,358
170th Ross Sparks Ross Sparks $1,357
171st Tessa Bendotti-Vanderspil Tessa Bendotti-Vanderspil $1,356
172nd Tom Swadling Tom Swadling $1,353
173rd Michele Helebrant Michele Helebrant $1,346
174th Claire Borg Claire Borg $1,344
175th Cameron Orth Cameron Orth $1,340
176th Michael May Michael May $1,335
177th Riley McIntosh Riley McIntosh $1,331