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Rank Name Raised
N/A Anthony St-Hilaire Anthony St-Hilaire $0
N/A Ashley Baxter Ashley Baxter $0
N/A Ashton Stanhope Ashton Stanhope $0
N/A Audeliz Rivera Audeliz Rivera $0
N/A Bailey Cockburn Bailey Cockburn $0
N/A Barney Starcevic Barney Starcevic $0
N/A Barry Emo Barry Emo $0
N/A Becky Andersen Becky Andersen $0
N/A Bee Ruii Bee Ruii $0
N/A Ben Hayes Ben Hayes $0
N/A Ben Hinks Ben Hinks $0
N/A Ben Peiper Ben Peiper $0
N/A Benjamin David Benjamin David $0
N/A Benjamin Swinfield Benjamin Swinfield $0
N/A Bernadette Royal Bernadette Royal $0
N/A Bethany Keogh Bethany Keogh $0
N/A Betty Seeney Betty Seeney $0
N/A Beverley Brown Beverley Brown $0
N/A Beverly Warren Beverly Warren $0
N/A Billy Benson Billy Benson $0