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Rank Name Raised
23rd Walster Jeff Walster Jeff $160
N/A Lauren Nicole Woodward Lauren Nicole Woodward $0
N/A Jonathan Jancik Jonathan Jancik $0
4th Skye Monckton Skye Monckton $1,057
N/A Adam Prince Adam Prince $0
N/A Adrian Whitelock Adrian Whitelock $0
N/A Alison Fox Alison Fox $0
N/A Aliza Bower Aliza Bower $0
N/A Andrew Fuge Andrew Fuge $0
78th Andrew Hutchinson Andrew Hutchinson $52
N/A Andrew Mcintyre Andrew Mcintyre $0
N/A Anna-Marie Van Staden Anna-Marie Van Staden $0
N/A Anthony Howes Anthony Howes $0
42nd Bimal Shrestha Bimal Shrestha $100
N/A Bradley Davis Bradley Davis $0
130th Bradley Turney Bradley Turney $26
N/A Brandon Post Brandon Post $0
N/A Brett Wheeler Brett Wheeler $0
N/A Brian Collins Brian Collins $0
N/A Carl Baroni Carl Baroni $0