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Rank Name Raised
157th Andy Black Andy Black $343.77
158th Salina Currie Salina Currie $343.23
159th Amanda Couch Amanda Couch $341.48
160th Kathy Kaiser Kathy Kaiser $339.95
161st Ana Bodnar Ana Bodnar $336.39
162nd Jason Stephens Jason Stephens $336.38
163rd Andy Hendricks Andy Hendricks $336.38
N/A Cody Jones Cody Jones $0
164th Kylie Stewart Kylie Stewart $332.88
165th Mike Meynell Mike Meynell $332.18
166th Belinda Nye-Chart Belinda Nye-Chart $331.21
166th David Welch David Welch $70
167th Jules Walton Jules Walton $326.03
168th Zander Page Zander Page $324.80
169th Jarrod Elliott Jarrod Elliott $322.12
170th Marcus Thompson Marcus Thompson $321.93
171st Yee Cheng Leong Yee Cheng Leong $320.85
172nd Jon Bates Jon Bates $318.40
173rd Isabel Smyth Isabel Smyth $317.35
174th Heather Mack Heather Mack $313.93