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Rank Name Raised
42nd Philotimo Philotimo $439.88
Members of Philotimo
212th Antony Kalergis Antony Kalergis $357.08
43rd Segnut Segnut $432.95
Members of Segnut
196th Mark Nicholas Mark Nicholas $381.20
44th Curbside Charlies Curbside Charlies $425.08
Members of Curbside Charlies
259th Melker Blomstrom Melker Blomstrom $300.88
633rd Michelle Drury Michelle Drury $124.20
45th Millton Millton $423.13
Members of Millton
359th Heidi Millton-Young Heidi Millton-Young $227.70
1017th Daniel Millton Daniel Millton $71.23
46th Team Stirling Team Stirling $403.65
Members of Team Stirling
183rd Tamara Ferrier Tamara Ferrier $403.65
47th IFM Cyclomaniacs IFM Cyclomaniacs $392.92
Members of IFM Cyclomaniacs
429th Sheree Geci Sheree Geci $198.72
584th Fleur Peters Fleur Peters $142.45
N/A Fred Peters Fred Peters $0
N/A hunter Hurst hunter Hurst $0
N/A Katherine Woolard Katherine Woolard $0
48th 19 toes 19 toes $376.03
Members of 19 toes
200th Harrison Ollier Harrison Ollier $376.03
N/A Caleb Harders Caleb Harders $0
N/A Jonathan Rayfield Jonathan Rayfield $0
49th Guesty's indigenous old blokes team - all welcome Guesty's indigenous old blokes team - all welcome $372.60
Members of Guesty's indigenous old blokes team - all welcome
206th Paul Guest Paul Guest $372.60
50th Just Kicks TKD Just Kicks TKD $372.48
Members of Just Kicks TKD
421st erin hurkmans erin hurkmans $201.52
588th Kiandra Davis Kiandra Davis $139.91
1872nd Evan King Evan King $20.70
2102nd Joshua Grafton Joshua Grafton $10.36
51st Sorbello Family Sorbello Family $351.20
Members of Sorbello Family
1949th Christine Sorbello Christine Sorbello $20
N/A Cameron Sorbello Cameron Sorbello $0
N/A Joseph Sorbello Joseph Sorbello $0
N/A Sarah Sorbello Sarah Sorbello $0
52nd Circus Bear Circus Bear $346.85
Members of Circus Bear
832nd Manuel Maddalozzo Manuel Maddalozzo $100
53rd Peaches on Wheels Peaches on Wheels $345.67
Members of Peaches on Wheels
308th Alecia Britz Alecia Britz $254.59
909th Ilze Du Randt Ilze Du Randt $91.08
N/A Sandy Human Sandy Human $0
54th Team Chat, Chief and Connor Team Chat, Chief and Connor $340.84
Members of Team Chat, Chief and Connor
N/A Chatura Attanayake Chatura Attanayake $98.31
981st Connor Donnelly Connor Donnelly $72.45
1949th Akeel Kuhafa Akeel Kuhafa $20
55th Bonbeach PS HPV & Pushcart Bonbeach PS HPV & Pushcart $338.05
Members of Bonbeach PS HPV & Pushcart
341st Ruby Noble Ruby Noble $238.05
832nd Jen Russell Jen Russell $100
56th Two wheel travellers Two wheel travellers $336.71
Members of Two wheel travellers
260th Berni Tosch Berni Tosch $300.49
1476th David Bonavia David Bonavia $36.23
57th 2 Losers on bikes 2 Losers on bikes $318.40
Members of 2 Losers on bikes
523rd Geoff Barbour Geoff Barbour $159.20
633rd Zoe Barbour Zoe Barbour $124.20
58th Team Turnbull Team Turnbull $310.50
Members of Team Turnbull
536th kieran Turnbull kieran Turnbull $155.25
536th sharanne turnbull sharanne turnbull $155.25
59th #jltbl #jltbl $309.28
Members of #jltbl
N/A Steve Trood Steve Trood $309.28
60th Skyebo’s Monkeys Skyebo’s Monkeys $308.75
Members of Skyebo’s Monkeys
301st Rachel Harvey Rachel Harvey $258.75
1260th Skye Monckton Skye Monckton $50
N/A Lisa Wray Lisa Wray $0
61st #helpushelpthem #helpushelpthem $307.14
Members of #helpushelpthem
495th Tarnee Latoa Tarnee Latoa $167.41
N/A Michaël Jaimy Alan Mashoub Michaël Jaimy Alan Mashoub $0
N/A Rishiyank Yadav Rishiyank Yadav $0
N/A Tommy Heard Tommy Heard $0