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Rank Name Raised
81st Derby Doers Derby Doers $3,176.96
Members of Derby Doers
460th Courteney Perry Courteney Perry $1,432.15
1622nd Kristy Blake Kristy Blake $656.33
2156th Sam Mendes Sam Mendes $515.72
3239th Craig Macarthur Craig Macarthur $233.71
82nd “Charters Chix “Charters Chix $3,168.16
Members of “Charters Chix
495th Kate Hastie Kate Hastie $1,385.29
1036th Jo Baker Jo Baker $930.50
83rd Feels Like Summer Feels Like Summer $3,143.36
Members of Feels Like Summer
196th Ricky Foulstone Ricky Foulstone $2,205.44
1024th Horace Josh Horace Josh $937.92
84th Mountains Christian College Mountains Christian College $3,124.07
Members of Mountains Christian College
135th Jack Spiller Jack Spiller $2,604.58
2615th Josiah Lane Josiah Lane $386.50
3803rd Colette Spiller Colette Spiller $132.99
85th Holden Holden $3,085.02
Members of Holden
2128th John Gioseffi John Gioseffi $522.47
2216th Terry Cavanagh Terry Cavanagh $504.11
2315th Ben Walhout Ben Walhout $486.00
3719th chris camilleri chris camilleri $144.90
86th Autodesk Australia Autodesk Australia $2,996.50
Members of Autodesk Australia
1716th Julie Bond Julie Bond $625.92
2616th Vima Mayilsamy Vima Mayilsamy $386.01
2763rd Carol Battle Carol Battle $342.64
2772nd Russell Speight Russell Speight $340.67
2832nd Damian Sproules Damian Sproules $324.71
N/A Myrna Ilustrisimo Myrna Ilustrisimo $115.41
3919th Sharad Trivedi Sharad Trivedi $114.61
4420th Nan Li Nan Li $66.86
4745th Paul Brincat Paul Brincat $38.20
118th Sameera Bashir Sameera Bashir $2,713.37
3600th Dwayne Matthews Dwayne Matthews $166.89
N/A Nicole Matthews Nicole Matthews $0
88th I Lycra Your Wheels I Lycra Your Wheels $2,950.76
Members of I Lycra Your Wheels
1141st Yuli Sim Yuli Sim $856.87
1498th Farai Musuka Farai Musuka $702.91
N/A Kassandra Baldi Kassandra Baldi $593.61
3037th Kasey Duurland Kasey Duurland $275.07
3140th Alexandra Schemeczko Alexandra Schemeczko $252.41
3427th Mark Lucas Mark Lucas $199.20
4588th Phil Smith Phil Smith $50
N/A Siobhan Neller Siobhan Neller $0
89th Tol Tol Turtles Tol Tol Turtles $2,937.09
Members of Tol Tol Turtles
748th Chris Finley Chris Finley $1,131.93
1033rd Lisa McWilliam Lisa McWilliam $931.42
1516th Carolyn Payne Carolyn Payne $697.79
3548th Teresa Draper Teresa Draper $175.95
90th WINconnect - Going the Distance WINconnect - Going the Distance $2,915.36
Members of WINconnect - Going the Distance
669th Emily McGuinness Emily McGuinness $1,196.99
716th Simon James Simon James $1,156.41
2532nd Tarin Lewis Tarin Lewis $413.12
4442nd Jannek Hubel Jannek Hubel $62.10
4837th Julia Murray Julia Murray $35
N/A Craig Ashdown Craig Ashdown $0
91st The Crane Crew The Crane Crew $2,897.97
Members of The Crane Crew
254th Brett Hassett Brett Hassett $1,923.03
994th Daniel Marks Daniel Marks $954.23
N/A Paul Grant Paul Grant $20.70
92nd ActivateFit.Gym ActivateFit.Gym $2,861.60
Members of ActivateFit.Gym
N/A Mary Di Domenico Mary Di Domenico $2,770.85
4743rd erika soricone erika soricone $39.01
N/A Glenn Wightwick Glenn Wightwick $0
N/A Jlenia Sagaria Jlenia Sagaria $0
N/A Lizzie Le Lizzie Le $0
N/A Theresa Boon Theresa Boon $0
93rd Deep Sea Mooring Team Deep Sea Mooring Team $2,796.03
Members of Deep Sea Mooring Team
921st Joe Wilchynski Joe Wilchynski $1,004.26
1422nd Holly Escott Holly Escott $732.55
4300th Joel Ireland Joel Ireland $72.45
4415th Graeme Lornie Graeme Lornie $66.86
N/A Kenneth Lopez Kenneth Lopez $0
94th FLikes FLikes $2,738.43
Members of FLikes
555th Sarah Mcnamara Sarah Mcnamara $1,314.02
2038th Jodi Senn Jodi Senn $541.18
3209th Cooper Edwards Cooper Edwards $238.77
3209th Olivia Edwards Olivia Edwards $238.77
3423rd Henry Manser Henry Manser $199.55
3494th Abbey Andrew Abbey Andrew $185.46
95th Swat Swat $2,730.46
Members of Swat
720th Steven Willcock Steven Willcock $1,153.18
853rd Sue Willcock Sue Willcock $1,047.58
2083rd Ralf Berlin Ralf Berlin $529.70
96th Mole family Mole family $2,724.16
Members of Mole family
447th Darrel Mole Darrel Mole $1,447.57
592nd Lauren Castelijn Lauren Castelijn $1,276.59
97th Butt Kickers Butt Kickers $2,723.47
Members of Butt Kickers
232nd Ann Hope Ann Hope $2,029.25
1523rd Deb Wilson Deb Wilson $694.22
98th Tom Price Cyclists Tom Price Cyclists $2,709.44
Members of Tom Price Cyclists
645th Susanna Tope Susanna Tope $1,219.40
951st mario anderson mario anderson $990.04
2264th Melita Rees Melita Rees $500
99th NT Police, Fire & Emergency Services NT Police, Fire & Emergency Services $2,694.76
Members of NT Police, Fire & Emergency Services
256th Megan Duncan Megan Duncan $1,912.90
1857th Grayson McKinlay Grayson McKinlay $588.83
4745th Julian Robinson Julian Robinson $38.20
4745th Mark Keynes Mark Keynes $38.20
5042nd Axl Dethmore Axl Dethmore $28.66
100th Wheelie Tyred Wheelie Tyred $2,677.96
Members of Wheelie Tyred
385th Jessica Munter Jessica Munter $1,569.45
777th Racquel Ball Racquel Ball $1,108.51