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Rank Name Raised
21st Blue Lake City Rollers Blue Lake City Rollers $12,998.96
Members of Blue Lake City Rollers
11th Justyna Grosse Justyna Grosse $8,618.56
279th Wendy Lines Wendy Lines $2,285.30
357th Carolyn Rossgregor Carolyn Rossgregor $2,006.86
5255th Emily Hill Emily Hill $21.37
22nd HORCC Mountain Bikers HORCC Mountain Bikers $12,784.18
Members of HORCC Mountain Bikers
224th Joe McNaughton Joe McNaughton $2,604.01
677th David Eccles David Eccles $1,405.16
829th John Noonan John Noonan $1,252.76
1152nd Wayne Teal Wayne Teal $1,042.07
1346th Ian Sinclair Ian Sinclair $929.35
1372nd Adrian Vaccaro Adrian Vaccaro $911.93
1430th Nash Noonan Nash Noonan $876.52
1496th Greg Amadio Greg Amadio $844.12
1396th Nathan Johnston Nathan Johnston $714.83
2348th Celia Lewis Celia Lewis $557.56
2646th Em Herrera Em Herrera $506.79
2731st Steven Houghton Steven Houghton $501.82
2770th Alex Matijevic Alex Matijevic $500
23rd Hound Dog Fit Hound Dog Fit $11,671.97
Members of Hound Dog Fit
41st Ross Kohn Ross Kohn $5,220.57
899th Michele Sanders Michele Sanders $1,197.97
362nd Peter Denning Peter Denning $729.26
2396th Marcia Smith Marcia Smith $547.75
2489th Chloe Denning Chloe Denning $530.82
2761st Lindy Wilson Lindy Wilson $500.36
2969th Lisa Fraser Lisa Fraser $399.19
3142nd Ellie Denning Ellie Denning $333.25
N/A Jackie Blackburn Jackie Blackburn $288.90
3584th Rose Fraser Rose Fraser $227.70
3692nd Wayne Wilson Wayne Wilson $204.17
3708th Sharyn Carnahan Sharyn Carnahan $201.54
3954th Jo Wilson Jo Wilson $151.75
4000th Clare Cnossen Clare Cnossen $139.91
4052nd Mary Flood Mary Flood $130
4214th Kellie Beatty Kellie Beatty $106.93
4344th Kent Wright Kent Wright $97.45
4351st Brendan Hewett Brendan Hewett $95.50
4471st Tammy Vary Tammy Vary $81.40
N/A Brittany Pearce Brittany Pearce $70
4733rd Jamie Saal Jamie Saal $51.75
N/A Roz Gleeson Roz Gleeson $38.20
N/A Georgia Salgado Georgia Salgado $20.70
5532nd Fiona Mcewan Fiona Mcewan $10
N/A Amanda Klein Amanda Klein $0
N/A Ash Guymer Ash Guymer $0
N/A Patricia Gainey Patricia Gainey $0
24th Team gc Team gc $11,615.61
Members of Team gc
162nd John Rayner John Rayner $3,002.77
204th craig young craig young $2,700
214th Callum Smith Callum Smith $2,645.16
246th Adrian Fedrigo Adrian Fedrigo $2,521.64
25th Team Flynn Team Flynn $11,585.85
Members of Team Flynn
20th Mark Lawrence Mark Lawrence $7,127.23
506th Kiera May Yowanowski Kiera May Yowanowski $1,652.40
1002nd James Hough James Hough $1,126.41
2312th Chris Yowanowski Chris Yowanowski $565.90
2331st Jojo Pearson Jojo Pearson $561.32
2807th Matthew Pearson Matthew Pearson $480.13
26th Top End Crew Top End Crew $11,476.78
Members of Top End Crew
23rd Imogen Kuipers Imogen Kuipers $6,599.90
100th Yannick Vallet Yannick Vallet $3,439.33
1108th David O'Neill David O'Neill $1,068.45
3043rd Kael Reid Kael Reid $369.10
27th Police Transport Command Northwest Police Transport Command Northwest $10,828.49
Members of Police Transport Command Northwest
86th Brad James Brad James $3,582.94
399th Paul Windon Paul Windon $1,874.95
462nd Brad Monk Brad Monk $1,724.95
1189th Erin Connell Erin Connell $1,021.82
660th Anthony Kassab Anthony Kassab $942.04
1527th Ed Krumins Ed Krumins $831.58
2560th Daniel Wheeler Daniel Wheeler $519.02
N/A Kris Stoks Kris Stoks $0
28th Vonex Vonex $10,600.75
Members of Vonex
142nd Matt Fahey Matt Fahey $3,100.75
364th Tony Simeone Tony Simeone $2,002.24
827th Christo Da Silva Christo Da Silva $1,253.51
1553rd Dallas Thomas Dallas Thomas $820.78
N/A Andrew Smith Andrew Smith $556.27
N/A Anna Dunsdon Anna Dunsdon $410.71
N/A Sonia . Sonia . $255.20
N/A Katherine Marsh Katherine Marsh $200.57
3874th Mattia De’Ambrosis Mattia De’Ambrosis $167.39
4068th George Soultis George Soultis $127.30
4351st Nathan Thomas Nathan Thomas $95.50
4422nd Jay Wellsmore Jay Wellsmore $87.98
4691st Lachlan Wyeth Lachlan Wyeth $56.98
N/A Marichu Dianon Marichu Dianon $48.20
N/A Casilda Canete Casilda Canete $29.10
N/A Cora Jean Jugan Cora Jean Jugan $29.10
5208th Glenda Montejo Glenda Montejo $29.10
N/A Maria Hambre Maria Hambre $29.10
N/A Nilma Campita Nilma Campita $29.10
5208th Reynante Balansag Reynante Balansag $29.10
5208th Rozz Dagang Rozz Dagang $29.10
5532nd Arles Ayado Arles Ayado $10
N/A Cyril Montejo Cyril Montejo $10
N/A Jan Phillip Jan Phillip $10
N/A Marly baynos Marly baynos $10
N/A Mary Medalle Mary Medalle $10
5532nd Noel Nemenzo Noel Nemenzo $10
N/A Ron H Ron H $10
N/A Bec Wagstaff Bec Wagstaff $0
N/A Igor Green Igor Green $0
N/A Jackson Mangallay Jackson Mangallay $0
29th Phatboyz Cycle Corp Phatboyz Cycle Corp $10,514.14
Members of Phatboyz Cycle Corp
179th Peter Goodworth Peter Goodworth $2,861.16
206th Shane Shibata Shane Shibata $2,682.43
264th Daniel Kinnane Daniel Kinnane $2,359.21
1071st Shane Edwards Shane Edwards $1,090.32
1522nd Zack Koberg Zack Koberg $832.16
2046th James Egan James Egan $637.11
4733rd Martin Cahill Martin Cahill $51.75
30th We got Chemistry & Wheelie Good Jeans We got Chemistry & Wheelie Good Jeans $10,042.04
Members of We got Chemistry & Wheelie Good Jeans
358th Alanna Sheinwald Alanna Sheinwald $2,006.82
486th Jaishri Banerji Jaishri Banerji $1,682.64
885th Julie Lam Julie Lam $1,205.34
1062nd Roberto Spada Roberto Spada $1,094.29
1081st Dom Yuen Dom Yuen $1,083.33
1415th Fan Yang Fan Yang $884.15
2158th Natalie Muir Natalie Muir $607.90
3218th Andrew Kelly Andrew Kelly $311.36
N/A Natsuki Sasaki Natsuki Sasaki $55.70
N/A Hien Nguyen Hien Nguyen $0
N/A Will Roberts Will Roberts $0
31st Team Funks Team Funks $9,546.57
Members of Team Funks
73rd Mark Andrews Mark Andrews $3,786.35
322nd Lyndell Andrews Lyndell Andrews $2,106.33
636th Campbell Andrews Campbell Andrews $1,455.22
964th Tracey Montesin Tracey Montesin $1,149.45
3522nd Allison Edwards Allison Edwards $242.76
32nd Old Codgers Old Codgers $9,524.86
Members of Old Codgers
80th Jacen Carpenter Jacen Carpenter $3,660.44
93rd David Rimmer David Rimmer $3,512.72
465th Marg Windsor Marg Windsor $1,721.75
33rd The Flat Tyres The Flat Tyres $9,006.84
Members of The Flat Tyres
44th Rob Keogh Rob Keogh $5,170.39
333rd Bethany Keogh Bethany Keogh $2,073.59
531st Stuart Mclennan Stuart Mclennan $1,602.87
34th AGD Bullets AGD Bullets $8,983.45
Members of AGD Bullets
150th Sophie McKay Sophie McKay $3,063.13
1186th Taya Petsheny Taya Petsheny $1,022.95
1212th Simon Wiese Simon Wiese $1,010.67
1468th Ros McClelland Ros McClelland $856.91
1585th Tisha Tejaya Tisha Tejaya $804.89
2202nd Kylie Smith Kylie Smith $596.10
2208th David Morters David Morters $594.49
2757th Joe Yick Joe Yick $500.43
3192nd Laura Sewell Laura Sewell $316.96
3813th jenna Dennison jenna Dennison $180.71
35th Skyebo’s Monkeys Skyebo’s Monkeys $8,892.63
Members of Skyebo’s Monkeys
81st Skye Monckton Skye Monckton $3,640.46
166th Rachel Harvey Rachel Harvey $2,956.58
1131st Ali Allison Ali Allison $1,054.03
2869th Lisa Wray Lisa Wray $447.97
3513th Heather Attard Heather Attard $245.20
948th Mel Patterson Mel Patterson $216.44
4057th Hilda Payne Hilda Payne $129.38
4073rd Cameron Attard Cameron Attard $126.18
4951st James Bibby James Bibby $38.20
4951st Ron Kent Ron Kent $38.20
36th The Watt Busters The Watt Busters $8,878.22
Members of The Watt Busters
107th Jacqueline Collins Jacqueline Collins $3,373.51
1085th Christa Sadler Christa Sadler $1,081.09
N/A Sereima Yabaki Nanovu Sereima Yabaki Nanovu $1,006.47
N/A Michelle Hutchins Michelle Hutchins $845.67
2196th Jayden Storer Jayden Storer $597.81
2704th Jason Mitchell Jason Mitchell $502.83
37th Team Steezy Team Steezy $8,182.43
Members of Team Steezy
56th Adam Prince Adam Prince $4,355.45
965th Emily Prince Emily Prince $1,149.16
1928th Indiana Prince Indiana Prince $671.56
2111th Oliver Prince Oliver Prince $618.71
38th EFFORT EFFORT $7,811.01
Members of EFFORT
191st Brian Duncan Brian Duncan $2,793.67
719th Andrew Sime Andrew Sime $1,359.71
1142nd Sally Rice Sally Rice $1,047.46
1483rd Anthony Carter Anthony Carter $850.00
1707th Tanya Carter Tanya Carter $757.45
1800th Kjirsten Robb Kjirsten Robb $718.10
3656th Stephen Withers Stephen Withers $212.18
39th Scentre Spinners Scentre Spinners $7,783.96
Members of Scentre Spinners
347th Joshua Kisgyano Joshua Kisgyano $2,030.93
740th Diego Eguiguren Diego Eguiguren $1,344.75
791st Ryan Smith Ryan Smith $1,289.85
1094th Todd Oliver Todd Oliver $1,076.79
1660th vincent cox vincent cox $773.45
1831st David Bailetti David Bailetti $703.92
2989th reza bella reza bella $389.92
40th Shari’s Legacy Shari’s Legacy $7,533.99
Members of Shari’s Legacy
559th Jacob Rose Jacob Rose $1,567.78
N/A Olivia Rose Olivia Rose $1,352.85
790th Bobbie Thompson Bobbie Thompson $1,291.91
889th Jarrod Elliott Jarrod Elliott $1,203.87
N/A Zoe Cook Zoe Cook $541.20
N/A Bridget Smith Bridget Smith $469.61
2976th Andrew Giacobetti Andrew Giacobetti $395.65
N/A Lexi Cole Lexi Cole $269.21
3782nd Kevin Wilson Kevin Wilson $186.31
4451st Darren Yates Darren Yates $86.23
4938th Kylie Yates Kylie Yates $40