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Rank Name Raised
41st Tassie Trail Riders Tassie Trail Riders $5,592.29
Members of Tassie Trail Riders
374th Oliver Giudici Oliver Giudici $1,581.65
1063rd Steven Galloway Steven Galloway $907.37
1554th Dianne Louise Maynard Dianne Louise Maynard $681.45
1612th Mary Hansen Mary Hansen $659.09
1653rd Steve Burgess Steve Burgess $646.32
1877th Will Hansen Will Hansen $582.73
2587th Eric Brain Eric Brain $397.16
3947th Peter Hansen Peter Hansen $110.66
5051st Damien Blackwell Damien Blackwell $25.88
42nd Stromlo Night Riders Stromlo Night Riders $5,351.68
Members of Stromlo Night Riders
55th Steven Kierath Steven Kierath $3,429.79
1215th Anton Patajo Anton Patajo $824.70
1906th Jason Tankard Jason Tankard $572.85
3047th John Andriunas John Andriunas $273.16
3245th Vicky Miller Vicky Miller $232.73
5407th Mel Croaker Mel Croaker $9.23
43rd Team CDU Team CDU $5,285.93
Members of Team CDU
95th Doug Austin Doug Austin $2,897.63
591st Zachary Watt Zachary Watt $1,276.65
1047th Sue Tucker Sue Tucker $918.25
4113th Christopher Perry Christopher Perry $95.50
5284th Bernadette Royal Bernadette Royal $10.35
5284th Monica Bugno Monica Bugno $10.35
44th Stockinbingal Cycle Club Stockinbingal Cycle Club $5,268.78
Members of Stockinbingal Cycle Club
1068th Wendy Millynn Wendy Millynn $905.33
1544th Rhonda Douglas Rhonda Douglas $685.38
1975th Ben Phillips Ben Phillips $556.85
2119th Lexie Phillips Lexie Phillips $523.44
2126th Maree Archer Maree Archer $522.69
2550th Graeme Halbisch Graeme Halbisch $408.25
N/A Grace Millynn Grace Millynn $359.65
N/A Tracey Walker Tracey Walker $266.76
1986th Stuart Fletcher Stuart Fletcher $179.90
3737th carmel payne carmel payne $143.15
4289th Dannielle Velez Dannielle Velez $73.19
5084th Isaac Pratt Isaac Pratt $20.70
45th Team Ivo #8 Team Ivo #8 $5,205.07
Members of Team Ivo #8
269th Abby Iverson Abby Iverson $1,844.91
552nd Jason Carr Jason Carr $1,316.83
1404th Therkel Jensen Therkel Jensen $740.67
1536th Jim Young Jim Young $688.30
1827th James Rogers James Rogers $593.66
46th Lobster 🦞 Legs Lobster 🦞 Legs $5,195.52
Members of Lobster 🦞 Legs
47th Tanja Kubitza Tanja Kubitza $3,763.31
2259th Rahat Arain Rahat Arain $500.57
2632nd Hooda Mohammed Emin Hooda Mohammed Emin $382.02
3234th Ahmad and Abidin Moeladawilah Ahmad and Abidin Moeladawilah $234.46
3261st Amnah Arain Amnah Arain $229.21
5249th Ammar Ulhaq Ammar Ulhaq $19.10
N/A Christina Penitito Christina Penitito $0
N/A Mohamad Otman Mohamad Otman $0
N/A Zayd Azad Zayd Azad $0
47th Camino to a cure - the Wheelie Way Camino to a cure - the Wheelie Way $5,065.76
Members of Camino to a cure - the Wheelie Way
145th Margaret Jones Margaret Jones $2,556.63
688th Peter Wilson Peter Wilson $1,184.18
834th Alexandra Almond Alexandra Almond $1,066.98
3992nd Richard Jagger Richard Jagger $106.23
4056th Claire Cowen Claire Cowen $101.75
4588th Paul COWEN Paul COWEN $50
N/A Neil Gebert Neil Gebert $0
48th Fincity Bandits Fincity Bandits $4,942.98
Members of Fincity Bandits
526th Julie Thomson Julie Thomson $1,354.30
824th Sandra Gray Sandra Gray $1,076.17
831st Brad Everson Brad Everson $1,072.25
1287th Elyse Price Elyse Price $788.71
2034th Sharon Maree Pyle Sharon Maree Pyle $542.51
3953rd Jess Pyle Jess Pyle $109.05
49th Mauri Mauri $4,919.93
Members of Mauri
30th Michael White Michael White $4,919.93
50th The Jeffrey's The Jeffrey's $4,906.71
Members of The Jeffrey's
401st Renee Cockburn Renee Cockburn $1,541.30
770th Brian Cattell Brian Cattell $1,114.37
1102nd Matt Cockburn Matt Cockburn $882.55
1349th Bailey Cockburn Bailey Cockburn $763.46
1789th David Mcmaster David Mcmaster $605.02
51st Pedal Power Pedal Power $4,704.07
Members of Pedal Power
265th Danielle Garner Danielle Garner $1,864.38
995th Lauren Elizabeth Lauren Elizabeth $953.68
1178th Donna Fallon Donna Fallon $840.58
2141st Amy Ivey Amy Ivey $519.11
3281st Kirsty Booth Kirsty Booth $226.18
3719th Sheree Menon Sheree Menon $144.90
52nd Biloela Spinners Biloela Spinners $4,687.25
Members of Biloela Spinners
418th Di Morris Di Morris $1,511.47
654th donald morris donald morris $1,214.51
1382nd Ed Godwell Ed Godwell $749.81
1629th Rodney Muston Rodney Muston $652.23
1966th Ross Munroe Ross Munroe $559.23
53rd Calf Carvers Calf Carvers $4,677.99
Members of Calf Carvers
146th Christine Carew Christine Carew $2,552.21
1686th Tiamaree Wills Tiamaree Wills $633.45
1773rd Alma Kuru Alma Kuru $609.62
N/A Mary McKenna Mary McKenna $422.72
2499th John Wills John Wills $421.80
4745th Andrew McKenna Andrew McKenna $38.20
54th RFDS Charleville Base RFDS Charleville Base $4,482.88
Members of RFDS Charleville Base
960th Diane Dowrick Diane Dowrick $980.21
1149th Shane Wise Shane Wise $851.23
1406th Maddie McDonald Maddie McDonald $740.07
2279th Sue McDonald Sue McDonald $497.46
2283rd Courtney Jane Courtney Jane $496.85
2676th Jo Mahony Jo Mahony $368.09
3359th Scott Bentley Scott Bentley $210.62
3850th Nick Wayne Nick Wayne $124.20
55th TechConnect and Friends TechConnect and Friends $4,479.02
Members of TechConnect and Friends
183rd Yannick Dufour Yannick Dufour $2,273.17
N/A Giulio Rovera Giulio Rovera $506.18
2664th Gilbert Quevauvilliers Gilbert Quevauvilliers $370.49
2901st Clinton Thomson Clinton Thomson $310.50
3601st Warren Venter Warren Venter $166.73
3618th Andre Beauzec Andre Beauzec $163.15
4096th Jason Hurst Jason Hurst $98.85
4514th Daniel Borg Daniel Borg $51.75
56th Swannies Swannies $4,392.78
Members of Swannies
71st Brett Pascoe Brett Pascoe $3,112.97
2596th Sandy Jacobson Sandy Jacobson $393.30
2989th Gabby Banks Gabby Banks $290.56
3059th Chris Banks Chris Banks $271.46
3746th Lachlan Jacobson Lachlan Jacobson $140.27
3850th Blake Jacobson Blake Jacobson $124.20
N/A Daiki Burns Daiki Burns $0
N/A Heidi Walker Heidi Walker $0
N/A Justin Warren Justin Warren $0
57th Outta Gas Outta Gas $4,320.65
Members of Outta Gas
75th Yannick Vallet Yannick Vallet $3,077.08
943rd David O'Neill David O'Neill $996
58th Hedland Warriors Hedland Warriors $4,261.58
Members of Hedland Warriors
56th Amanda Foster Amanda Foster $3,321.21
1583rd Danielle, Jack and Harley Simcoe Danielle, Jack and Harley Simcoe $671.27
3719th Aaron Cartwright Aaron Cartwright $144.90
3850th Mandy Crawford Mandy Crawford $124.20
59th Cycle4Life Rockhampton Cycle4Life Rockhampton $4,140.06
Members of Cycle4Life Rockhampton
1013th Robert Evans Robert Evans $942.68
1662nd Peter Kane Peter Kane $642.59
1684th William Thomsen William Thomsen $633.76
1886th Steve Niebling Steve Niebling $579.05
2054th Byron Wouda Byron Wouda $537.97
2253rd Geoff Payne Geoff Payne $500.96
3453rd Mark Gordon Mark Gordon $192.40
4300th Nigel Wadsworth Nigel Wadsworth $72.45
60th The Watt Busters The Watt Busters $3,871.37
Members of The Watt Busters
468th Jacqueline Collins Jacqueline Collins $1,423.30
1010th Christa Sadler Christa Sadler $946.54
N/A Michelle Hutchins Michelle Hutchins $731.81
1813th Jayden Storer Jayden Storer $597.81
N/A Jason Mitchell Jason Mitchell $0