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Rank Name Raised
141st The Bike Hikers The Bike Hikers $2,535
Members of The Bike Hikers
1266th Darcy Bergman Darcy Bergman $1,001
3062nd Leni-Jane Bergman Leni-Jane Bergman $361
3285th Katie Bergman Katie Bergman $296
1579th daniel bergman daniel bergman $274
3748th Harvey Bergman Harvey Bergman $194
3932nd Brodie Mcclymont Brodie Mcclymont $155
3962nd oliver mcclymont oliver mcclymont $150
5446th Jackie McClymont Jackie McClymont $16
5597th Brad Mcclymont Brad Mcclymont $5
142nd Bandyman's Bikers Bandyman's Bikers $2,532
Members of Bandyman's Bikers
257th Wayne Scifleet Wayne Scifleet $2,496
143rd Taste of Victory Taste of Victory $2,476
Members of Taste of Victory
639th Stephen Hass Stephen Hass $1,448
N/A Tom Roach Tom Roach $439
3401st Jenny Reeve Jenny Reeve $269
144th TOLL TOLL $2,467
Members of TOLL
369th mark lemme mark lemme $1,988
2937th jess smith jess smith $415
N/A jeff oflynn jeff oflynn $0
145th Three Musketeers Three Musketeers $2,466
Members of Three Musketeers
770th Jason Ah Toy Jason Ah Toy $1,310
989th Jason Vellender Jason Vellender $1,135
146th Bellarine Bandits Bellarine Bandits $2,450
Members of Bellarine Bandits
299th Amanda Kristapsons Amanda Kristapsons $2,204
3508th Craig Kristapsons Craig Kristapsons $246
N/A Aaron Anstis Aaron Anstis $0
147th Shire Superheros Shire Superheros $2,437
Members of Shire Superheros
594th Ethan Bender Ethan Bender $1,520
1403rd ben wainwright ben wainwright $891
148th Aussie peddling peakers Aussie peddling peakers $2,414
Members of Aussie peddling peakers
728th Bernadette Abbott Bernadette Abbott $1,355
2426th Heather de Villiers Heather de Villiers $542
2572nd Heather Sia Heather Sia $516
149th Tribute to our Ladies Tribute to our Ladies $2,405
Members of Tribute to our Ladies
1160th Chris Walsh Chris Walsh $1,038
1770th Jodie Walsh Jodie Walsh $732
4649th Cindy Chant Cindy Chant $66
150th Cyco Pedalers Cyco Pedalers $2,397
Members of Cyco Pedalers
2271st Melissa Oliffe Melissa Oliffe $556
2504th Logan King Logan King $527
1154th Christine pyke Christine pyke $507
2499th Bailee Oliffe Bailee Oliffe $503
N/A Richard Haselwood Richard Haselwood $0
151st Muttley's Crew Muttley's Crew $2,385
Members of Muttley's Crew
517th Neville Dummett Neville Dummett $1,631
3222nd Ian Young Ian Young $311
N/A Linsay Heit Linsay Heit $274
3861st Ross Parker Ross Parker $170
152nd For James For James $2,378
Members of For James
N/A Annette Ward Annette Ward $1,605
N/A Gail Clark Gail Clark $773
153rd Are we there yet? Are we there yet? $2,365
Members of Are we there yet?
833rd Jez Black Jez Black $1,249
2010th Joshua Sjerp Joshua Sjerp $648
2834th Jamie Douglas Jamie Douglas $468
154th GCC CBR GCC CBR $2,359
Members of GCC CBR
875th Jack Van Lohuizen Jack Van Lohuizen $1,215
976th Aditya Kumar Aditya Kumar $1,144
155th Centaurs Centaurs $2,345
Members of Centaurs
300th Manoj De Mel Manoj De Mel $2,199
3975th Nehara De Mel Nehara De Mel $146
156th The Hettie Hens The Hettie Hens $2,344
Members of The Hettie Hens
268th Venessa Zylka Venessa Zylka $2,344
157th Hot Pies AFLW Hot Pies AFLW $2,332
Members of Hot Pies AFLW
N/A Chloe Molloy Chloe Molloy $910
N/A Erica Fowler Erica Fowler $290
3597th Stacey Livingstone Stacey Livingstone $226
N/A Sophie Alexander Sophie Alexander $206
158th Slamfit Slamfit $2,306
Members of Slamfit
781st Andrew Tooley Andrew Tooley $1,301
1239th Tim Bee Tim Bee $1,004
159th Bowboys Bowboys $2,288
Members of Bowboys
1025th Darren Bowman Darren Bowman $1,111
1110th Dale Bowman Dale Bowman $1,068
160th Team Harriss Team Harriss $2,280
Members of Team Harriss
563rd Brenton Daddow Brenton Daddow $1,562
1798th David Harriss David Harriss $718