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Rank Name Raised
101st NT Police, Fire & Emergency Services NT Police, Fire & Emergency Services $2,725.81
Members of NT Police, Fire & Emergency Services
259th Megan Duncan Megan Duncan $1,912.90
1781st Grayson McKinlay Grayson McKinlay $619.88
4784th Julian Robinson Julian Robinson $38.20
4784th Mark Keynes Mark Keynes $38.20
5076th Axl Dethmore Axl Dethmore $28.66
102nd Butt Kickers Butt Kickers $2,723.47
Members of Butt Kickers
240th Ann Hope Ann Hope $2,029.25
1566th Deb Wilson Deb Wilson $694.22
103rd Spanner Pack Spanner Pack $2,715.34
Members of Spanner Pack
1178th Chris Worrall Chris Worrall $855.33
1384th Wil Woods Wil Woods $765.53
2077th Bradley Cox Bradley Cox $545.58
2105th Mark Ingleton Mark Ingleton $538.54
104th Tom Price Cyclists Tom Price Cyclists $2,709.44
Members of Tom Price Cyclists
672nd Susanna Tope Susanna Tope $1,219.40
990th mario anderson mario anderson $990.04
2330th Melita Rees Melita Rees $500
105th Locky Legends Locky Legends $2,670.58
Members of Locky Legends
350th Jenny Mustey Jenny Mustey $1,668.15
1465th Garry Mustey Garry Mustey $737
106th Team Crowther Team Crowther $2,657.87
Members of Team Crowther
638th Matthew Crowther Matthew Crowther $1,248.60
1182nd Jo Connors-Crowther Jo Connors-Crowther $854.81
2176th Jack Crowther Jack Crowther $523.42
107th DR1V DR1V $2,652.18
Members of DR1V
1024th Gareth Jones Gareth Jones $956.52
1226th Darren Bender Darren Bender $835.92
1253rd Duncan Toombs Duncan Toombs $823.51
108th The Different Spokes The Different Spokes $2,647.39
Members of The Different Spokes
1018th Michael Burns Michael Burns $964.06
1371st MaryLou Canning MaryLou Canning $768.53
1991st David Plews David Plews $566.52
4552nd Matthew Canning Matthew Canning $51.75
109th Titos and Titas Titos and Titas $2,641.96
Members of Titos and Titas
829th Josie Bautista Josie Bautista $1,091.70
N/A Flo&Cata Magcalas Flo&Cata Magcalas $576.31
2799th Allen Tuazon Allen Tuazon $345.42
3532nd Joye Tuazon Joye Tuazon $187.16
3580th Jose Munoz Jose Munoz $179.90
4001st Che Jamisal Che Jamisal $108.68
3235th Vanessa Yacat Vanessa Yacat $97.10
N/A Emmanuel Tongzon Emmanuel Tongzon $0
N/A MariaLourdes Serranilla-Lauguico Rayos MariaLourdes Serranilla-Lauguico Rayos $0
N/A Patrick Elyson Balgos Patrick Elyson Balgos $0
110th Jones Family Jones Family $2,638.44
Members of Jones Family
3927th Tammie Jones Tammie Jones $120.32
4149th Kydan Jones Kydan Jones $95.50
4149th Maddison Jones Maddison Jones $95.50
4455th Dean Jones Dean Jones $66.86
111th Fiscal Furies Fiscal Furies $2,637.72
Members of Fiscal Furies
1299th David Ryan David Ryan $803.93
2607th Adam Hadley Adam Hadley $409.76
2743rd Nathan Watt Nathan Watt $361.79
3155th Rodney McComiskie Rodney McComiskie $259.81
3250th Andrew Baylis Andrew Baylis $241.33
3723rd Bruce Michael Bruce Michael $153.50
112th Josh & Jas Josh & Jas $2,625.80
Members of Josh & Jas
N/A Jasmine Helfer Jasmine Helfer $0
N/A Josh Pitts Josh Pitts $0
113th Team Keast Team Keast $2,617.52
Members of Team Keast
535th Grahame Keast Grahame Keast $1,371.29
934th Debra McLaughlin Debra McLaughlin $1,018.53
114th Hillbillies Hillbillies $2,603.37
Members of Hillbillies
141st Marsha Hodges Marsha Hodges $2,603.37
115th Palm & Pawn FreeWheelers Palm & Pawn FreeWheelers $2,589.52
Members of Palm & Pawn FreeWheelers
167th Ossie Sutton Ossie Sutton $2,455.81
116th Amy and Niamh Maguire Amy and Niamh Maguire $2,501.83
Members of Amy and Niamh Maguire
163rd Amy Maguire Amy Maguire $2,501.83
117th Fitness fam Fitness fam $2,479.01
Members of Fitness fam
651st Graham Gailer Graham Gailer $1,235.41
N/A Brenda Morgan Brenda Morgan $682.81
N/A Debbie Hughes Debbie Hughes $138.89
N/A Zara Rogers Zara Rogers $119.79
N/A Nicole Rogers Nicole Rogers $116.66
118th Pony Problem Pony Problem $2,477.62
Members of Pony Problem
233rd Aaron Tuthill Aaron Tuthill $2,051.06
2547th Gwyn Morgan Gwyn Morgan $426.57
119th Taste of Victory Taste of Victory $2,475.99
Members of Taste of Victory
472nd Stephen Hass Stephen Hass $1,448.39
N/A Tom Roach Tom Roach $439.23
3119th Jenny Reeve Jenny Reeve $269.22
120th TOLL TOLL $2,467.26
Members of TOLL
249th mark lemme mark lemme $1,988
2590th jess smith jess smith $414.67
N/A jeff oflynn jeff oflynn $0