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Rank Name Raised
161st Riding with Rob Riding with Rob $1,769.68
Members of Riding with Rob
288th Rob Garrett Rob Garrett $1,769.68
162nd On Ya Bike On Ya Bike $1,765.84
Members of On Ya Bike
2316th Kelly Lindley Kelly Lindley $483.69
4045th Rachel Anne Rachel Anne $101.86
163rd Bowboys Bowboys $1,764.48
Members of Bowboys
1031st Dale Bowman Dale Bowman $927.56
1305th Darren Bowman Darren Bowman $780.00
164th Two Wheel Warriors Two Wheel Warriors $1,759.94
Members of Two Wheel Warriors
293rd Robert Amos Robert Amos $1,759.94
165th Slamfit Slamfit $1,736.24
Members of Slamfit
990th Tim Bee Tim Bee $952.51
1296th Andrew Tooley Andrew Tooley $783.73
166th Curbside Charlies Curbside Charlies $1,724.13
Members of Curbside Charlies
1372nd Daniel Humeniuk Daniel Humeniuk $753.66
2052nd Melker Blomstrom Melker Blomstrom $536.23
2458th Michelle Drury Michelle Drury $434.24
167th Liam Cooper Potts Legacy - Super Heroes & Angel Wings Liam Cooper Potts Legacy - Super Heroes & Angel Wings $1,722.56
Members of Liam Cooper Potts Legacy - Super Heroes & Angel Wings
679th Ian Cambourn Ian Cambourn $1,185.67
2835th Narelle Cambourn Narelle Cambourn $322.74
3616th Melanie Cambourn Melanie Cambourn $162.40
N/A Chantelle Osborne Chantelle Osborne $0
168th Team Gratton Team Gratton $1,714.58
Members of Team Gratton
1078th Neil Gratton Neil Gratton $896.74
1227th Kristy Gratton Kristy Gratton $817.84
169th BMX bandits BMX bandits $1,711.87
Members of BMX bandits
556th Ashley Watts Ashley Watts $1,308.21
2839th Brenton Schwarze Brenton Schwarze $320.85
170th The Macs The Macs $1,710.69
Members of The Macs
884th Pam Macleod Pam Macleod $1,020.25
1808th Kim Berg Kim Berg $597.29
171st Awesome FourSome Awesome FourSome $1,705.06
Members of Awesome FourSome
744th Antoinette Cole Antoinette Cole $1,130.88
3357th Colby Stickland Colby Stickland $210.60
3469th Makayla Norman Makayla Norman $189.21
3667th Bradley Norman Bradley Norman $153.68
172nd MLC Sydney MLC Sydney $1,699.97
Members of MLC Sydney
449th Paul Rickerby Paul Rickerby $1,442.17
3621st Kay Adewusi Kay Adewusi $162.30
N/A Kai Schwanke Kai Schwanke $0
173rd Sisters on Wheels Sisters on Wheels $1,697.95
Members of Sisters on Wheels
N/A Shani Galleghan Shani Galleghan $1,086.70
N/A Barbara Murrell Barbara Murrell $611.25
174th Team Chat, Chief and Connor Team Chat, Chief and Connor $1,688.91
Members of Team Chat, Chief and Connor
1864th Connor Donnelly Connor Donnelly $1,185.19
3389th Akeel Kuhafa Akeel Kuhafa $203.59
N/A Chatura Attanayake Chatura Attanayake $129.36
175th St Finny’s Grade 1 St Finny’s Grade 1 $1,684.55
Members of St Finny’s Grade 1
332nd Angus Rowe Angus Rowe $1,663.85
176th proFIT Health & Fitness proFIT Health & Fitness $1,676.43
Members of proFIT Health & Fitness
1883rd Jason Gent Jason Gent $576.78
2210th Vanessa McPherson Vanessa McPherson $503.91
2255th Rebecca Feagan Rebecca Feagan $500.24
177th Bike n boys Bike n boys $1,670.79
Members of Bike n boys
1306th Ashton McCubbin Ashton McCubbin $779.33
1333rd Noah mccubbin Noah mccubbin $767.30
5032nd Cooper Mugford Cooper Mugford $28.66
178th Team Freckle Team Freckle $1,668.44
Members of Team Freckle
1622nd Chris Low Chris Low $652.05
2485th Tiffany Partington Tiffany Partington $424.35
3338th jacquie synnott jacquie synnott $212.19
3766th Johnny Le Johnny Le $137.04
4415th Fiona Ladu Fiona Ladu $66.86
179th Crusty Kritters Crusty Kritters $1,663.28
Members of Crusty Kritters
1190th Debbie Weir Debbie Weir $834.30
1275th Vicki Harper Vicki Harper $791.49
180th The Bowers Bunch The Bowers Bunch $1,659.85
Members of The Bowers Bunch
804th Mike Bowers Mike Bowers $1,083.20
2206th Michael Farrell Michael Farrell $504.20