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Rank Name Raised
42nd Pinnacle Spine & Sports Pinnacle Spine & Sports $288.50
Members of Pinnacle Spine & Sports
194th Stephen Turner Stephen Turner $253.50
944th Cameron Finlayson Cameron Finlayson $35
N/A Ian Lawson Ian Lawson $0
43rd Team Chat, Chief and Connor Team Chat, Chief and Connor $268.39
Members of Team Chat, Chief and Connor
N/A Chatura Attanayake Chatura Attanayake $98.31
1194th Akeel Kuhafa Akeel Kuhafa $20
N/A Connor Donnelly Connor Donnelly $0
44th Team Vinsara Team Vinsara $264.90
Members of Team Vinsara
180th Athil Goonesekera Athil Goonesekera $264.90
45th CBR Cycle Collective (CCC) CBR Cycle Collective (CCC) $260.43
Members of CBR Cycle Collective (CCC)
183rd Karen Whenan Karen Whenan $260.43
46th Guesty's indigenous old blokes team - all welcome Guesty's indigenous old blokes team - all welcome $248.40
Members of Guesty's indigenous old blokes team - all welcome
197th Paul Guest Paul Guest $248.40
47th Greasy Chains Greasy Chains $242.88
Members of Greasy Chains
204th Jarrad Hey Jarrad Hey $242.88
N/A Aaron Rogers Aaron Rogers $0
N/A Jered Hoyle Jered Hoyle $0
48th ELKZ915 ELKZ915 $227.70
Members of ELKZ915
218th Elkin Fulton Elkin Fulton $227.70
49th Crusty Kritters Crusty Kritters $224.40
Members of Crusty Kritters
299th Debbie Weir Debbie Weir $171.38
1276th Vicki Harper Vicki Harper $15.53
50th Stockinbingal Cycle Club Stockinbingal Cycle Club $219.93
Members of Stockinbingal Cycle Club
233rd Wendy Millynn Wendy Millynn $219.93
N/A Isaac Pratt Isaac Pratt $0
51st Just Kicks TKD Just Kicks TKD $218.08
Members of Just Kicks TKD
310th erin hurkmans erin hurkmans $161.15
1095th Kiandra Davis Kiandra Davis $31.05
1143rd Evan King Evan King $20.70
1347th Joshua Grafton Joshua Grafton $5.18
52nd Port Stephens Cycle Group Port Stephens Cycle Group $217.35
Members of Port Stephens Cycle Group
235th Robert Miller Robert Miller $217.35
N/A Darren Farlow Darren Farlow $0
N/A Julian Williams Julian Williams $0
N/A Warwick Durrant Warwick Durrant $0
53rd Great Cycle Great Southern Great Cycle Great Southern $213.68
Members of Great Cycle Great Southern
241st Michael Dolphin Michael Dolphin $213.68
54th Outta Gas Outta Gas $210.87
Members of Outta Gas
516th David O'Neill David O'Neill $100
N/A Yannick Vallet Yannick Vallet $0
55th Team Howard Team Howard $204.93
Members of Team Howard
474th Kylie Howard Kylie Howard $104.23
512th Jayda Howard Jayda Howard $100.70
56th Millton Millton $195.43
Members of Millton
634th Daniel Millton Daniel Millton $71.23
N/A Heidi Millton-Young Heidi Millton-Young $0
57th Rivo Roadrunners Rivo Roadrunners $193.15
Members of Rivo Roadrunners
354th Laurie Hunt Laurie Hunt $143.15
790th Colin Meadows Colin Meadows $50
58th Northern Rivers Dirty wheels Northern Rivers Dirty wheels $191.49
Members of Northern Rivers Dirty wheels
277th Ben Morgan Ben Morgan $191.49
59th Green Riders Green Riders $186.30
Members of Green Riders
1288th Alyce Green Alyce Green $10.35
1288th Martin Green Martin Green $10.35
1354th Samuel Green Samuel Green $5.18
1354th Vanessa Green Vanessa Green $5.18
N/A Sharia Lovell Sharia Lovell $0
60th Bike Buddies Bike Buddies $185.08
Members of Bike Buddies
389th Ruth Murton Ruth Murton $124.21
944th Sarah Lloyd Sarah Lloyd $35
1118th Tom Murton Tom Murton $25.88
61st Mornington Cycles Mornington Cycles $181.13
Members of Mornington Cycles
347th Greg Dalton Greg Dalton $144.90
918th Kerrie Maliszewski Kerrie Maliszewski $36.23
N/A Ala' Yasin Ala' Yasin $0
N/A Cheryl Coombs Cheryl Coombs $0
N/A Felix Davis Felix Davis $0
N/A Jane Spruce Jane Spruce $0
N/A Janine Wade Janine Wade $0
N/A Maria Tilders Maria Tilders $0
N/A Marnie Simpson Marnie Simpson $0
N/A Nichole Scaunich Nichole Scaunich $0
N/A Vindya Sandamali Vindya Sandamali $0