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Rank Name Raised
61st Cycopaths Cycopaths $3,716.03
Members of Cycopaths
584th Michael O'Driscoll Michael O'Driscoll $1,286.20
960th Peter Bout Peter Bout $988.02
1163rd Jeff Davies Jeff Davies $848.24
3158th Nicola De Rosbo-Davies Nicola De Rosbo-Davies $252.31
3491st Peter Mcintyre Peter Mcintyre $187.78
3689th Guenolee De Rosbo-Davies Guenolee De Rosbo-Davies $153.50
62nd The Big Rigs The Big Rigs $3,639.36
Members of The Big Rigs
N/A Ben Lesslie Ben Lesslie $3,110.84
2307th Dylan Lyons Dylan Lyons $492.30
63rd Ivy-jeanie the queenie Ivy-jeanie the queenie $3,625.33
Members of Ivy-jeanie the queenie
283rd Tracey Smith Tracey Smith $1,792.44
646th Trudy Delamare Trudy Delamare $1,220.33
1766th Brian Smith Brian Smith $612.57
64th Bikejoring Bandits Bikejoring Bandits $3,623.44
Members of Bikejoring Bandits
913th Narelle Crozier Narelle Crozier $1,011.40
1370th Jonathan Lane Jonathan Lane $758.93
1599th Adam West Adam West $666.98
1686th Jordan Leybourne Jordan Leybourne $634.45
3379th Marilyne McPaul Marilyne McPaul $208.98
3532nd Kirsten Lambert Kirsten Lambert $181.25
4850th Jamelia Bramwell Jamelia Bramwell $35.70
5260th Michael Dobbie Michael Dobbie $19.10
5260th Sarrah Zonneveld Sarrah Zonneveld $19.10
65th T.J.D T.J.D $3,621.76
Members of T.J.D
188th Jacquie Snooks Jacquie Snooks $2,242.28
N/A Donna Smith Donna Smith $861.98
N/A Tayla Smith Tayla Smith $517.51
66th Red Dog Riders Red Dog Riders $3,601.30
Members of Red Dog Riders
281st Alex Wright Alex Wright $1,793.63
1111th Kate Burnside Kate Burnside $878.29
1214th Ben Burnside-Wright Ben Burnside-Wright $826.94
67th Super Skinny Prawns Super Skinny Prawns $3,563.28
Members of Super Skinny Prawns
409th Tara Robertson Tara Robertson $1,527.49
1034th Halle Parker Halle Parker $936.04
1802nd Kelly Bateup Kelly Bateup $603.38
2295th Brett Robertson Brett Robertson $496.37
N/A Joshua Moretti Joshua Moretti $0
N/A Louie Hunter Louie Hunter $0
68th Engibeering Engibeering $3,546.91
Members of Engibeering
309th Sean Buckland Sean Buckland $1,741.07
688th Kaspar Lucattini Kaspar Lucattini $1,186.95
2224th Lily Mcivor Lily Mcivor $504.28
3933rd Josh Granter Josh Granter $114.61
69th SoftwareLifeCycle SoftwareLifeCycle $3,456.95
Members of SoftwareLifeCycle
N/A shiva gunasekaran shiva gunasekaran $882.74
1868th Daegal Brain Daegal Brain $587.73
2014th Charlie Hart Charlie Hart $551.36
3153rd Tim Watts Tim Watts $252.39
3169th Sergiy Redko Sergiy Redko $249.91
3400th Susan Brander Susan Brander $203.71
N/A Andrew Harkes Andrew Harkes $0
70th Team Garfield Team Garfield $3,428.49
Members of Team Garfield
390th Wendy Grant Wendy Grant $1,567.69
864th Kevin Anderson Kevin Anderson $1,043.54
1406th Monique Anderson Monique Anderson $744.81
4299th Raewyn Stobbs Raewyn Stobbs $72.46
71st An Aussie and a Thai An Aussie and a Thai $3,399.86
Members of An Aussie and a Thai
152nd John Wood John Wood $2,515.89
1106th Phakwipa Wood Phakwipa Wood $883.97
72nd Sunny Coasters Sunny Coasters $3,399.26
Members of Sunny Coasters
1126th Jackie Miller Jackie Miller $865.89
2035th Adam Gates Adam Gates $545.65
2272nd Glenn Morris Glenn Morris $500.33
2414th Katie Miller Katie Miller $458.35
2669th Rob Rosengreen Rob Rosengreen $372.93
2896th Andy Cowley Andy Cowley $313.06
3026th Marc Miller Marc Miller $280.96
73rd Cycling Dads Australia - CDOZ Cycling Dads Australia - CDOZ $3,381.25
Members of Cycling Dads Australia - CDOZ
236th Mark Jansen Mark Jansen $2,009.43
1438th Charles Keesman Charles Keesman $728.80
2240th Mark Jones Mark Jones $502.96
4052nd Artur Rzasa Artur Rzasa $103.15
4780th Kristian Andrejewskis Kristian Andrejewskis $36.91
N/A Andrew Scott Andrew Scott $0
N/A Ben Stewart Ben Stewart $0
74th St Philip's Boys' Boarding St Philip's Boys' Boarding $3,363.45
Members of St Philip's Boys' Boarding
724th Rope Wortley Rope Wortley $1,154.59
1539th Wes Ty Wes Ty $689.54
2786th Jed Peggie Jed Peggie $340.00
3356th Sam Muir Sam Muir $212.18
5097th apisalome uluivuya apisalome uluivuya $20.70
5357th Levi Wilkinson Levi Wilkinson $10
N/A keneifa hayes keneifa hayes $0
N/A Liam Alloway Liam Alloway $0
N/A Michael Lessels Michael Lessels $0
N/A pedrea jackson pedrea jackson $0
N/A travis baliva travis baliva $0
75th Jones Boys Jones Boys $3,308.56
Members of Jones Boys
57th Daniel Jones Daniel Jones $3,308.56
76th Love for Lizzie Love for Lizzie $3,304.76
Members of Love for Lizzie
702nd Elizabeth Stephens Elizabeth Stephens $1,174.73
1246th Mel Fry Mel Fry $812.50
4522nd James Monkman James Monkman $51.75
77th Commercial Entercyclists Commercial Entercyclists $3,300.41
Members of Commercial Entercyclists
134th Daniel Thomas Daniel Thomas $2,628.26
1653rd Brendon Wilson Brendon Wilson $647.15
N/A brad George brad George $0
N/A Edain Reilly Edain Reilly $0
N/A Jayne Rozario Jayne Rozario $0
78th Presidential Spin Presidential Spin $3,258.46
Members of Presidential Spin
229th Matt Simper Matt Simper $2,035.94
643rd Adam Renouf Adam Renouf $1,222.52
79th Derby Doers Derby Doers $3,230.52
Members of Derby Doers
462nd Courteney Perry Courteney Perry $1,432.15
1626th Kristy Blake Kristy Blake $656.33
2164th Sam Mendes Sam Mendes $515.72
3010th Craig Macarthur Craig Macarthur $287.27
80th Team MAX Team MAX $3,219.62
Members of Team MAX
65th Tim English Tim English $3,183.39