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Rank Name Raised
140th Two bike chicks Two bike chicks $160
Members of Two bike chicks
819th Donna Foyster Donna Foyster $93
1027th Leanne Cusack Leanne Cusack $67
142nd Go Millton/Reilleys Go Millton/Reilleys $160
Members of Go Millton/Reilleys
710th Heidi Millton-Young Heidi Millton-Young $109
143rd Nexus Gym Nexus Gym $157
Members of Nexus Gym
1061st Tom Davis Tom Davis $54
1063rd Nicola Davis Nicola Davis $52
1063rd Ron Jacks Ron Jacks $52
144th Hairy bikers Hairy bikers $157
Members of Hairy bikers
542nd Cameron mcdonald Cameron mcdonald $152
1734th Patrick Probert Patrick Probert $5
N/A Brian Collins Brian Collins $0
145th Dan's Determined Dream Team Dan's Determined Dream Team $155
Members of Dan's Determined Dream Team
534th Daniel Bodel Daniel Bodel $155
145th Team Belford Team Belford $155
Members of Team Belford
1063rd Hedwig Belford Hedwig Belford $52
147th Spin to win Spin to win $154
Members of Spin to win
538th Alex Williams Alex Williams $154
N/A Daniel Hodge Daniel Hodge $0
N/A Jackson Corry Jackson Corry $0
N/A James Hanley James Hanley $0
N/A Punesh Han Punesh Han $0
148th Woombye to dalby Woombye to dalby $146
Members of Woombye to dalby
870th dylan sandry dylan sandry $84
1040th Zac Sandry Zac Sandry $62
N/A Coltan Gray Coltan Gray $0
N/A Oscar Bain Oscar Bain $0
149th Shorties Let's Do This Shorties Let's Do This $145
Members of Shorties Let's Do This
600th Peter Shortman Peter Shortman $124
1566th Melissa Shortman Melissa Shortman $21
150th Jax Leech Jax Leech $145
Members of Jax Leech
553rd Erin Albon Erin Albon $145
150th Tecala Group Team Tecala Group Team $145
Members of Tecala Group Team
710th Emma Hallinan Emma Hallinan $109
1260th April Harris April Harris $36
N/A Cassiano Pessoa Cassiano Pessoa $0
152nd Bicy-kales Bicy-kales $144
Members of Bicy-kales
561st Madeleine Bialecki Madeleine Bialecki $144
N/A Jason Bialecki Jason Bialecki $0
153rd the rhinds the rhinds $144
Members of the rhinds
N/A Derek Rhind Derek Rhind $0
N/A Gary Downing Gary Downing $0
N/A Ruth Duncan Ruth Duncan $0
N/A Sonia Rhind Sonia Rhind $0
N/A Sonia Rhind Sonia Rhind $0
154th Solo Team Solo Team $144
Members of Solo Team
565th Letcha Solo Letcha Solo $144
155th Spin out Spin out $143
Members of Spin out
837th Rick Logan Rick Logan $91
1063rd Harry Logan Harry Logan $52
N/A Mathieu Rowe Mathieu Rowe $0
156th Wheelie Terrific Wheelie Terrific $143
Members of Wheelie Terrific
566th Elizabeth May Matuschka Elizabeth May Matuschka $143
N/A Karlene Heathcote Karlene Heathcote $0
157th Point Cook Crownies IDO RIDE Point Cook Crownies IDO RIDE $140
Members of Point Cook Crownies IDO RIDE
841st Andrew Cathery Andrew Cathery $88
158th The Happyness Group The Happyness Group $139
Members of The Happyness Group
576th John Mills John Mills $139
159th Fiscal Furies Fiscal Furies $135
Members of Fiscal Furies
899th David Ryan David Ryan $72
1566th Bruce Michael Bruce Michael $21
1566th Robertroberter Csar Robertroberter Csar $21
1566th Rodney McComiskie Rodney McComiskie $21
159th TasRiderz TasRiderz $135
Members of TasRiderz
585th Dean Adam Dean Adam $135
N/A Kelly Jones Kelly Jones $0