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Rank Name Raised
141st Aussie peddling peakers Aussie peddling peakers $2,030.79
Members of Aussie peddling peakers
662nd Bernadette Abbott Bernadette Abbott $1,199.90
2190th Heather de Villiers Heather de Villiers $506.18
2820th Heather Sia Heather Sia $324.71
142nd Bandyman's Bikers Bandyman's Bikers $2,020.17
Members of Bandyman's Bikers
240th Wayne Scifleet Wayne Scifleet $1,983.94
143rd Bellarine Bandits Bellarine Bandits $2,005.39
Members of Bellarine Bandits
295th Amanda Kristapsons Amanda Kristapsons $1,759.44
3175th Craig Kristapsons Craig Kristapsons $245.96
N/A Aaron Anstis Aaron Anstis $0
144th Grafton Bridge Bicycle Bandits Grafton Bridge Bicycle Bandits $2,002.65
Members of Grafton Bridge Bicycle Bandits
396th Tim Murray Tim Murray $1,541.28
2381st Andrew Ross Andrew Ross $461.37
145th Tugas for a cause Tugas for a cause $1,978.82
Members of Tugas for a cause
437th Cristina Lisboa Cristina Lisboa $1,461.99
2700th Alexandra Dos Santos Alexandra Dos Santos $358.17
4499th Joao Martins Joao Martins $55.16
146th Curra Girls Curra Girls $1,960.79
Members of Curra Girls
642nd Naomi McDonald Naomi McDonald $1,218.22
2210th Meg Greenland Meg Greenland $503.80
3201st Ady Paton Ady Paton $238.77
N/A Beth Kelly Beth Kelly $0
147th Show Us Your Cleats Show Us Your Cleats $1,947.93
Members of Show Us Your Cleats
1075th Karen MacDougal Karen MacDougal $897.22
1992nd Brenton Pobjie Brenton Pobjie $550.70
3196th Kylie Rose Kylie Rose $239.56
3870th Lu McQuilliam Lu McQuilliam $122.46
4274th Tracy Edwards Tracy Edwards $74.99
5036th Jane McHugh Jane McHugh $26.78
N/A Jane McHugh Jane McHugh $0
N/A Paul Roberts Paul Roberts $0
148th Adrenofit Adrenofit $1,937.64
Members of Adrenofit
795th Michelle Swenson Michelle Swenson $1,089.91
1198th Emma Klasen Emma Klasen $828.61
5394th Jake Swenson Jake Swenson $9.56
5394th Levi Swenson Levi Swenson $9.56
149th Bellurs Bellurs $1,920.58
Members of Bellurs
695th Viji Udayashankar Viji Udayashankar $1,172.16
2263rd Nagesh Bellur Nagesh Bellur $499.34
3507th Sharvi Bellur Sharvi Bellur $182.23
343rd Anselmo Matsui Anselmo Matsui $1,642.81
3079th Andrew Duffin Andrew Duffin $265
151st Greasy Chains Greasy Chains $1,860.06
Members of Greasy Chains
671st Aaron Rogers Aaron Rogers $1,194.73
2678th Jarrad Hey Jarrad Hey $363.98
3680th Phillip McKeaig Phillip McKeaig $152.15
3999th Helena GREEN Helena GREEN $103.50
N/A Jered Hoyle Jered Hoyle $0
152nd The Wheel Pack The Wheel Pack $1,817.01
Members of The Wheel Pack
1540th Breanna adams Breanna adams $685.21
2566th Emma Dart Emma Dart $399.56
3635th Jacinta Altmann Jacinta Altmann $159.59
3686th Jane Altmann Jane Altmann $150.84
153rd STA Dream Team STA Dream Team $1,814.04
Members of STA Dream Team
685th Chad Bradfield Chad Bradfield $1,182.35
2052nd Kim Blake Kim Blake $536.19
154th Bonbeach PS HPV & Pushcart Bonbeach PS HPV & Pushcart $1,808.26
Members of Bonbeach PS HPV & Pushcart
468th Ruby Noble Ruby Noble $1,415.73
3566th Jane Willis Jane Willis $171.54
3877th Lachlan Willis Lachlan Willis $121
4062nd Jen Russell Jen Russell $100
155th Munda Biddi and more Munda Biddi and more $1,807.39
Members of Munda Biddi and more
1144th Nicolai Bennett Nicolai Bennett $850.70
1260th James Bennett James Bennett $801.86
3658th David Elliott David Elliott $154.84
156th Wheely Deadly Wheely Deadly $1,805.17
Members of Wheely Deadly
445th Josephine Jennings Josephine Jennings $1,446.03
N/A Sharon Jennings Sharon Jennings $0
157th A Silly Team (AST) A Silly Team (AST) $1,776.78
Members of A Silly Team (AST)
2366th wendy wyker wendy wyker $469.31
2820th Liz Richardson Liz Richardson $324.71
2832nd Henry Jordan Henry Jordan $323.18
3064th Esther Jordan Esther Jordan $268.75
3075th Rob Prestedge Rob Prestedge $265.87
5276th Tim Jordan Tim Jordan $10.35
158th Murrrays Murrrays $1,774.87
Members of Murrrays
283rd Andy Black Andy Black $1,774.87
159th Tortoise and the Hare Tortoise and the Hare $1,771.36
Members of Tortoise and the Hare
915th Nathan Hodges Nathan Hodges $1,004.09
1546th Chris Holmes Chris Holmes $683.11
160th Sarah & Erin Sarah & Erin $1,770.94
Members of Sarah & Erin
660th Sarah Barnes Sarah Barnes $1,203.00
1925th Erin Pritchard Erin Pritchard $567.94