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Rank Name Raised
1st Shari’s Legacy Shari’s Legacy $2,990.30
Members of Shari’s Legacy
136th Jacob Rose Jacob Rose $1,129.55
N/A Olivia Rose Olivia Rose $604.01
146th Jarrod Elliott Jarrod Elliott $322.12
172nd Bobbie Thompson Bobbie Thompson $284.64
218th Andrew Giacobetti Andrew Giacobetti $227.70
N/A Bridget Smith Bridget Smith $217.36
N/A Zoe Cook Zoe Cook $111.78
2nd DHS DHS $2,123.58
Members of DHS
21st Mark Knowles Mark Knowles $873.35
74th Ashley Knowles Ashley Knowles $504.88
117th Anthony Dal Molin Anthony Dal Molin $389.46
197th Brendon Bassett Brendon Bassett $248.40
894th Toni Frost Toni Frost $37.49
N/A Andrew Orel Andrew Orel $0
N/A Chris Gill Chris Gill $0
N/A Chris Sunderland Chris Sunderland $0
N/A Fiona Tallarida Fiona Tallarida $0
N/A Larry Damcevski Larry Damcevski $0
N/A Lorretta Onwuegbuchulam Lorretta Onwuegbuchulam $0
N/A Mick Warren Mick Warren $0
N/A Steven Bennett Steven Bennett $0
N/A Tracey Rankin Tracey Rankin $0
3rd Presidential Spin Presidential Spin $1,638.45
Members of Presidential Spin
15th Matt Simper Matt Simper $1,032.31
46th Adam Renouf Adam Renouf $606.13
4th Team Crowther Team Crowther $1,568.78
Members of Team Crowther
67th Jack Crowther Jack Crowther $518.24
68th Jo Connors-Crowther Jo Connors-Crowther $517.51
76th Matthew Crowther Matthew Crowther $501.98
5th Cycling Dads Australia - CDOZ Cycling Dads Australia - CDOZ $1,176.33
Members of Cycling Dads Australia - CDOZ
14th Mark Jansen Mark Jansen $1,067.65
458th Charles Keesman Charles Keesman $108.68
N/A Andrew Scott Andrew Scott $0
N/A Ben Stewart Ben Stewart $0
N/A Graeme Foster Graeme Foster $0
N/A Kristian Andrejewskis Kristian Andrejewskis $0
6th Marvels Marvels $1,145.25
Members of Marvels
42nd Suzie Hawthorne Suzie Hawthorne $640.00
177th April Walmsley April Walmsley $268.50
516th Kara Te Hira Kara Te Hira $100
746th Hayley Bradshaw Hayley Bradshaw $51.75
790th Ann-Marie Schell Ann-Marie Schell $50
944th Teresa Fariss Teresa Fariss $35
N/A Phil Cole Phil Cole $0
N/A Tara McRobbie-Rout Tara McRobbie-Rout $0
N/A Tua Potasi Tua Potasi $0
7th Super Skinny Prawns Super Skinny Prawns $1,070.01
Members of Super Skinny Prawns
50th Tara Robertson Tara Robertson $574.43
184th Kelly Bateup Kelly Bateup $258.76
260th Halle Parker Halle Parker $201.83
944th Brett Robertson Brett Robertson $35
N/A Joshua Moretti Joshua Moretti $0
N/A Louie Hunter Louie Hunter $0
8th Tour de Friends Tour de Friends $1,053.67
Members of Tour de Friends
45th Kristina Rorhan Kristina Rorhan $614.28
352nd Bernadette Riad Bernadette Riad $144.20
411th Louise Smith Louise Smith $120
652nd Kim Giusa Kim Giusa $70.19
654th Karen McElroy Karen McElroy $70
944th Tanya Holland Tanya Holland $35
N/A Andrea King Andrea King $0
N/A Matt Zahra Matt Zahra $0
N/A Tullio Ena Tullio Ena $0
9th The Jeffrey's The Jeffrey's $940.15
Members of The Jeffrey's
78th Renee Cockburn Renee Cockburn $501.50
131st Matt Cockburn Matt Cockburn $351.90
746th Matt Cockburn Matt Cockburn $51.75
944th David Mcmaster David Mcmaster $35
10th The Big Rigs The Big Rigs $929.95
Members of The Big Rigs
N/A Ben Lesslie Ben Lesslie $836.80
731st Dylan Lyons Dylan Lyons $56.93
11th DR1V DR1V $836.55
Members of DR1V
39th Duncan Toombs Duncan Toombs $661.11
298th Darren Bender Darren Bender $175.44
12th Team CDU Team CDU $826.37
Members of Team CDU
28th Doug Austin Doug Austin $753.92
612th Sue Tucker Sue Tucker $72.45
13th ACU-Banyo ACU-Banyo $735.96
Members of ACU-Banyo
95th Daniel Chalkley Daniel Chalkley $434.70
158th Daniel van den Hoek Daniel van den Hoek $301.26
14th Club SMS Club SMS $707.35
Members of Club SMS
108th Michael Scott Michael Scott $408.83
317th Bobby Mehta Bobby Mehta $157.12
790th Hitesh Ghai Hitesh Ghai $50
N/A Han Fey Yap Han Fey Yap $0
N/A Indie Nguyen Indie Nguyen $0
N/A Jo Brennan Jo Brennan $0
N/A Kristin Taylor Kristin Taylor $0
N/A Nathan Curnow Nathan Curnow $0
N/A Rajesh Sannapareddy Rajesh Sannapareddy $0
N/A Saachi Mehta Saachi Mehta $0
N/A Susheel Sharma Susheel Sharma $0
15th Northern Beaches Old Spokes Cycling Club Northern Beaches Old Spokes Cycling Club $639.18
Members of Northern Beaches Old Spokes Cycling Club
143rd Mike Meynell Mike Meynell $332.18
255th alan zamp alan zamp $203.50
476th Andrew McMurtrie Andrew McMurtrie $103.50
N/A john schoneveld john schoneveld $0
N/A Mark Walz Mark Walz $0
N/A Ryan McGovern Ryan McGovern $0
N/A Stuart McMurtrie Stuart McMurtrie $0
16th We got Chemistry & Wheelie Good Jeans We got Chemistry & Wheelie Good Jeans $629
Members of We got Chemistry & Wheelie Good Jeans
69th Roberto Spada Roberto Spada $514
596th Julie Lam Julie Lam $80
944th Jaishri banerji Jaishri banerji $35
N/A Andrew Kelly Andrew Kelly $0
N/A Dom Yuen Dom Yuen $0
17th Team Fusion Team Fusion $627.85
Members of Team Fusion
44th Ryan Wilson Ryan Wilson $627.85
N/A Ken Au Ken Au $0
18th Police Transport Command Northwest Police Transport Command Northwest $586.38
Members of Police Transport Command Northwest
205th Paul Windon Paul Windon $241.48
N/A Anthony Kassab Anthony Kassab $0
N/A Brad James Brad James $0
N/A Daniel Wheeler Daniel Wheeler $0
N/A Kris Stoks Kris Stoks $0
19th Mortongals Mortongals $584.78
Members of Mortongals
N/A Sharon Morton Sharon Morton $315.68
N/A Edie Morton Edie Morton $72.45
20th Beachbum Beachbum $563.56
Members of Beachbum
54th Stuart Walsh Stuart Walsh $563.56